'Lust inside me,

Pleasures of the flesh,

For you my skin calls,

You, you disgust me,'

I hate myself for the hunger,

To be with you,

Now with this cold, glaring razor

In my hand,

Gathering the strength, the madness,

To cut you out of me,

The blood, bubbles past my skin,

'Yet still your kiss I can taste,

Still your hot caress and body I can feel,'

Swipe another cut,

Blood pooling on the floor,

I feel no pain, only the hated longing,

'Cut cut you out,

Be gone I want you no more you feelings,

You forbidden lusts, why do you still haunt me,

Why won't you let me be?'

Your face, I fling out at, 'you whore, demon!'

The razor making another slash,

'You disgust me!

I refuse you let you hold me down,

Release me, a prisoner, from this hell,

I'm not deserving of,'

My throat horse, tongue licking away the words,

'I banish you…I banish you…'