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It was the perfect summer day. The sun brightened and warmed everything in it's way. Sounds of laughing children filled the air as two families enjoyed their picnic in the park. Four young kids were playing on a playground that resembled a castle. The two sets of parents watched casually from their picnic table, as they caught up with their old friends. The children giggled wildly as they played their traditional game.

"I'm the evil lord Willimizer!" Screamed the tallest blonde boy, "And I've come to take princess Sophie prisoner!"

He grabbed the little curly haired blonde girl and "locked" her in the tallest turret of the castle.

On cue, the little girl cried, "Oh, who will save me?" feigning her agony.

Suddenly, a dark haired boy ran up to the castle, and was followed by a little girl toddler pretending to be a horse.

"Don't fear, Princess Sophie! It is I, sir Trent, Knight of the round table, and protector of damsels in distress."

While the little princess squealed in delight, The "Evil Willimizer" ran from his post at the top of the tower and challenged the young knight to a duel. The two boys fought bravely with their sticks as weapons, and in the end, like always, the young knight won. Then, he ran up to the turret of the princess and set her free.

"Oh brave knight, what can I ever do to thank you?" the princess coed.

"Your safety is thanks enough, milady." He returned with a bow.

The two children gazed at each other for a few minutes, but were interrupted by the whiney toddler wanting to be the princess.

The perfect summer day passed until the sunset marked it as only a memory. The curly haired girl and dark haired boy were sitting on the sandbox when their mothers came up to them and told them it was time to leave. The pair reluctantly rose and climbed out of the sandbox.

"What were the two of you talking about anyway?" asked a mother.
The girl giggled and the boy smiled by neither said a word. Then without anyone seeing the little boy leaned over and kissed the girl on the cheek.