It was a little after 9 when Tyson got home. He was walking over to the fridge when he saw her; a woman new to the neighborhood who was rumored to be named Rian. He had overheard some people talking about her sex appeal, but DAMN! So he wouldn't be noticed if she happened to look over from the house across the street and over two, he turned off the light so it didn't stand out against the darkness. He approached the window, not taking his eyes off her through her own window. Her brown hair with a tint of red was wet, he could see, and nothing was coverering her besides a towel that she used to dry herself off. He could see her features; saw the roundness of her ass, the fullness of her breasts, the curve of her hips.... He wanted that. Because of his sudden desires, Tyson was not thinking straight; he walked out the door and across and over to "introduce" himself.

When he got to the door, there was a note that said "come in," and the door was unlocked. Usually he would have second thoughts at the sight of the note, but cought up in the moment, he didn't. He went inside and found himself in a large room; candle light was the only source of light. He heared a voice say "You're early. " He turned the way of where the voice came and he saw through the cracked open door that she was still in the bathroom.

Then the door fully opened and she stood in the doorway wearing fishnets, heels, and a black leather bondage suit which exposed her clevage, her back and her legs. He stood there speechless, not only at what was right in front of him, but because he realized that he, a stranger to her, was standing in her house uninvited. She however, did not looked shocked; it was as if she expected it. You could tell she was in a thought by her facial expression, but it soon disappeared as a half smile came to her face. She asked him non threateningly but straight out, "What do you want?" Tyson slightly stuttered when he mentioned wanting to introduce himself and to welcome her to the neighborhood. "That isn't what you want." she said after a look of observement; Tyson was clearly nervous and the bulge in his pants was almost impossible to miss. "Sure it is...welcome. My name is Tyson." he gulped. She didn't think he needed to try so hard, she was understanding, but she played along. "Well, I'm Rian. Nice to meet you. Good night." Tyson was stuck with worry; I blew it! he thought before choking out a "You too. Goodnight." Disappointment was defined in his voice. He paused for a few seconds before taking a small step towards the door. Rian let out a soft laugh which made Tyson stand still again.

She let out a sigh and slowly walked over to him. She looked at him in the eyes, put his hands on her, and gently kissed him to get his reaction. She smiled at the sight of his facial expression and then got a look slightly more aggresive. She let out a stiffled moan and backed him up towards the bed where she got him down. He was in a seated position when Rian climbed on top of him, hanging on to his shoulders. Once she was balanced, she kissed him deeply and circled her hips, brushing up against his hard on. They both felt the magnetic urge where they had touched.

Rian then got off his lap and standing in front of him, ran her fingers through his head. Her hands trailed down to to his neck and shoulders, and then down his stomach. Once at his waist, she grabbed his shirt and raised it over his head, revealing his just above average stomach. She once again put her hands on his shoulders, but gripped and dug her nails in and draged down hard enough to leave prints. She instructed him to lay on the bed the long way instead of width wise; Tyson did as he was instructed, taken aback by her control.

Once in position, Rian strattled him, took his wrists in her hands, forced them down on the bed, and let her hands slide into his. She bent down to kiss him as she reached underneath the pillow with a pair of handcuffs hidden underneath. She took her mouth off his and looked him in the eyes, just inches away from his face, as she stretched out her hands and cuffed him to the rail post headboard. The aggression seemed to disappear for a moment when whe looked at him sweetly and kissed his lips and then his neck as her hands trailed further down. It came flooding back once she reached down and slid her hand into his pants; letting out a non-restricted scream, she took part of his neck in her mouth, bit and pulled upward. When she released his flesh, she went back to kisses, trailing down his body and swirling her tongue.

Meanwhile, her hands were busy going at his belt buckle. As soon as she got it undone, she sat up, just below his bulge, slid the belt arould and out, brought the ends together, and raised it up in her hand like a whip. Tyson wasn't sure what to think; his mind was completely blank, but shock and a bit of fear was displayed on his face. Rian saw this but didn't care. All at once, she slapped down the belt, smacking the part of the bed that was just inches away Tyson's body. His heart pounded in his chest, his body shaking. A small smile went to her face as she dropped the belt onto the floor.

She inched her body downward, cought her balance, and stood on the bed. Standing, with Tyson between and under her legs, she bends over, keeping her legs straight, unbuttons and unzips his pants and pulls them down around and off his ankles. Getting back down on her hands and knees, she finally takes his cock in her hands, stroking it slowly. She feels his body tense up, so she stops. Tyson's body is aching with desire; all he wants to do is touch her body, and do everything he knows how to it. She moves her body closer to his face; she extends her arms and grips onto the top bar railing, and puts herself an inch away from his face; he picks his head up and bites it gently. She enjoys the sensation. Then, she throws herself backwards and turns her attention back to his cock....throbbing, with a drop of dew on it. She lowers her head and extends her tongue and licks it up. With his dick along side her neck, she lowers her head more and making a suction with her mouth which forces both of his balls into her mouth. She sucks gently and then lets them drop out before picking them right back up. She then alternates then by putting pressure on one side, making one pop out, sucking it back in, and popping out the other.

All of a sudden, there was a knock at the front door- Rian got off him as he spun his head toward the door in horror; she walked over just as a woman stepped in, who was greeted by the name of Karen. When she saw Tyson, she looked up at Rian, wanting an explanation but all she got was a wink and a smile. The two of them walked closer to the bed before facing eachother and kissing each other passionately. Rian put her hands on Karen's sides and ran them up and down as their kissing became more intense. They stopped for a moment and looked over at Tyson; all he could do was watch. Rian turned her attention back to her; she unbuttoned her long coat and slid it off of her, revealing her naked body.

Rian ance again put her hands on Karen's side, which then led to her breast. Her touch was becomming more aggresive. Rian gave her a fierce look which Karen returned, and then got her on the bed as well. This time, Rian joined in; before returning to Karen, she turned to Tyson, uncuffed him, but told him not to touch. Rian climbed on top of Karen, kissing her mouth, neck, breasts...and began to suck on her hard nipples which she soon after took between her teeth and pulled. Karen, out of pain, jumped up, knocking Rian off of her. Rian was in a state of shock and before she knew what was going on, Karen had her pinned against the bed; the roles suddenly shifted. She put forth enough pressure to let Rian know to stay put, which she obeyed. Karen swiftly unzipped the suit and ripped it open, exposing Rians breasts which Karen took in her hands, and squezzed. Rian winced in pain, but took what was given to her.

Next, Karen slid down Rian's underwear which revealed her newly shaven cunt, which had a glisten of moisture visible. Still on her back and legs spread, Rian looked at Karen longingly and impacient for what was next. Karen got down on her stomach, head between Rian, when she slid her fingers inside of her at the same time as she teased her with her tongue. She soon took her fingers out, and used only her mouth. T

yson, gripping the sheets on either side of him, was almost unable to handle his body's desire; it was so tempting to join in, but he did the best he could to do what he was told. Her body slightly convulsing, Rian couldn't take it any longer; she gave a frustrated moan before jumping up and ordering tyson to fuck her; she needed a deeper satisfaction.

Tyson was more than explosive with his response; he grabbed her, flipped her back onto her back, opened her legs and plunged inside of her, giving her exaclty what she wanted. Her nails scratched into his back making it bleed, but it felt so good that he barely noticed. She had been so close before that she came first; her whold body was shocked with the contraction spasms of her muscels when she orgasmed hard and long. Before Tyson got the chance to finish, she stopped him and got him out.

Rian let a few moments pass, enough for Tyson to cool down, before getting Karen to switch places with her. Karen got on her hands and knees; her ass facing Tyson as an invitation to have her from behind. Rian got behind Karen, on her back, and slid her head underneath her so that she would have access to her pussy. Tyson, with each leg on either side of Rian, entered Karen from behind. He didn't want her to have the pain, so he went in slowly and penetrated slowly as Rian entered her fingers inside Karen, and put her tongue against her clit, holding her body wieght with the other arm. Tyson couldn't take the pressure that was exhilerating inside of him; he went faster and harder, out of control. Moaning the rest of the way, they each finished with an orgasm that was well worth its wait.

After a few more shallow thrusts, Tyson came out of Karen and fell backwards against the pillow as he tried to catch his breath. With what strength the girls had left, they too joined him; ready for rest after the wild night. Some time had passed when Rian looked aver to Tyson. She smiled and said in a quiet voice, "Told you saying 'hi' wasn't the only thing you wanted."