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Alone in the Rain

The rain poured down around her as she sat in the middle of her driveway. Her purple hair was plastered to her head, face, and neck. Her black sweater had become heavy with water and her yellow jeans were sticking to her thin legs. Her mascara was running down her pale cheeks and her vibrant, green eyes were staring into the dark. She glanced down at her watch; it was 2:00 in the morning. The familiar time and date struck her and the hot tears began to flow down her face, and drip onto her lap. She didn't notice them though; she was already too wet to notice. She looked down; the black pavement beneath her was glistening from the rain, each drop creating a small ripple. She looked at the sky; the stars were hidden from sight, the billowing black clouds hiding them.

A loud clap of thunder sounded overhead, followed immediately by a flash of lightning that lit up the entire night sky. More and more claps and flashes followed.

Behind her a door slammed open, emitting light onto the scene. The sound seemed distant in her mind, her thoughts were elsewhere. She was remembering what had happened on this very night, this very weather, this very time, this very spot, three years ago.

"Jess!" Someone called from the doorway. Jess continued staring into the black oblivion before her, ignoring the noise behind her. Suddenly she felt warmth as an arm went around her shoulders. "Jess, you weren't in your room. I was so worried. The storm woke me. Jess? What's wrong? Jess!" The voice yelled. Jess snapped out of her thoughts and looked at her sister.

"Ally, it was three years ago tonight. On this very spot." Jess stated simply. Ally looked at her with sympathy. She hadn't been home that night, but her little sister, Jess, had. She had seen the tragedy unfold. Had been a part of it.

"Jess, did you know mom never came home tonight?" Ally said softly. Jess realized she hadn't seen her mother, or her car, all day. She wondered where her mother could possibly be. Then it dawned on her.

"Ally, can you go into the house and grab some blankets?" Jess asked, suddenlygetting an idea,"And your car keys." She added as her sister was walking to the house. Ally shook her head in agreement and continued her walk. She grabbed her keys and then woke their two younger brothers.

"What's going on?" The second youngest, Kyle, asked groggily.

"Just come on." Ally said hastily. She opened the linen closet and grabbed the two warmest blankets she could find. She knew what Jess was up to. "We're going for a car ride." She added, she didn't want to scare the 2 and 8-year-old. Kyle followed Ally and she carried Sean to her car. Ally loaded everything into the trunk and then climbed into the driver's seat beside her sister. Sean and Kyle were in the back seat, clutching their blankets around them and wearing their pajamas. Sean had his favourite teddy bear as well.

Once everyone was in the car Ally started driving. There were only two places their mother would be on this night, at this time. Jess looked back at her two brothers. Sean was sitting directly behind her, he was almost 3.Sean hadn't even been born on this night, her mom, sister, and other brother had been visiting family. Jess and her father were the only ones that had plans that night, so they had stayed home.

Sean's shaggy brown hair was slick against his head, from the rain. The rain was coming down so hard he had been soaked on the walk from the house to the car. His head was leaning against thedoor and he was sleeping calmly. Jess wished she could look into her innocent baby brothers brown eyes telling her everything would be okay.

Kyle was on the verge of falling asleep, his blond hair was also slicked to his head. His head wasn't resting on the window, he was trying to stay awake for his sister, but his head kept falling forward and jerking back up. Whenever his head came flying up, Jess could see into his sad, green eyes. He was giving her the same look he had given her when her family had returned home the next morning, as soon as they could manage.

Ally came to the first location where they thought they might find their mom. She climbed out of the car and locked the doors. They were at a park across town. She went to the specific tree in the middle of the field, it had grown since the last time they had been there. There was no sign of their mother, so she went back to the car.

Kyle had finally fallen asleep against the window and Jess smiled faintly. Ally had left the car running with the heat so their brothers wouldn't get cold. Once she was sitting in her seat again she started driving towards their next destination.

"Ally, thanks for coming home this weekend." Jess said quietly. Ally was in her second year of university and lived away from home, in residence. She had come home for this day the year before as well.

"No problem little sis. The family should be together on this day." Ally said. She reached over and put her arm around her sister's shoulder. They came to the second location and Ally stopped the car. "You want to come this time?" She asked Jess.

"Yes. But I'll need your help. Sean and Kyle will have to come as well. We can't leave them in the car alone. Not tonight, not here." Jess said. She was trying hard to stop herself from crying.

"I'll be right there to help you." Ally said softly. She woke the two boys up first and got them both out of the car.

"Now what?"Kyle asked, he was still half asleep.

"We're going to get mommy." Ally said. She opened the trunk and pulled everything out. "Kyle, can you hold these for me?" She asked, handing him the blankets she had grabbed. Kyle nodded and grabbed the blankets from his sister's hand. Ally grabbed the last thing from the trunk and walked over to the passenger door to help her sister.