A/N: This was a short story I thought of when I was in bed, staring up at the white ceiling. How I came up with a story when I was in bed, I have no idea. I mostly come up with stories when I'm in bed.

I'm Falling In Love

A young girl with brown hair and green eyes walked down the hallway of her school. She wore her school uniform which consist of a white blouse and a black skirt for the girls. She was surrounded by her two best but not closest friends.

"Hey, Reina. That loner boy is looking at you." said one of her friends.

The brunette girl, Reina, looked up and saw a red haired boy with blue eyes. His name was Koya Ikeda. He was the boy that every girl wanted but he had rejected them all. Reina could see that he was looking at her. Reina blushed a little and kept walking to her next class which was literature.

The teacher stood in the front of the class.

"Would anyone like to read what they had wrote?" she asked.

Koya raised his hand. The teacher smiled and Koya picked up the piece of paper and stood up. He read his poem without a single thought:

I'm falling

My heart's pounding in my chest

I'm falling

My memories flashing before my eyes

I'm falling

I have no regrets

I'm falling

Yet the floor never comes

I'm falling

I'm thinking of you right now

I'm falling

When will the ground come?

I'm falling

Now I know

I'm not falling in the air

I'm falling in love

With you

"Wonderful. That was great." the teacher praised. Koya sat back down and looked at the blackboard. Reina had been looking at Koya when he read it. She didn't know why and there was only one thing that would explain it but she was going to consult her closest friend, Kisetsu first. She raised her hand, indicating that she wants to read her poem.

"Reina? You want to read it? Sure. Go ahead." the teacher said.

Reina stood up and read.


The only way

To make them

Is become

One with another


You can keep


You play with


You comfort with


What does it

Really mean?

What does the

Ties of Friendship

Mean to you people?

What does

The Miracles

Of Friendship

Mean anyway?

Some are loners

They are anti-social

Some are great friends

They are worthy

Of having friends


What does the word


Mean to you people?

Does it mean

Something special?

Does it mean

Something horrible?

What does it

Mean to you?

Reina sat down and looked at the teacher. She was smiling as usual and Reina put her poem in her bag. The bell rang and they all walked out of class. It was the end of school. Reina walked across the yard to find Kisetsu. She spotted the blonde girl leaning against the sakura tree on their school's yard.

Kisetsu was a loner too but opened up to Reina only. No one else. Anyone else who approach her will get the glare and the cold shoulder. She hated it when people teased Reina and would often threaten them to stop. She saw Reina coming her way.

"Yes?" she asked.

"I need help on something." Reina panted from running.

"What?" Kisetsu asked.

"Kise-chan, I think I might have fallen in love with Koya-san." Reina said, looking at Kisetsu in the face.

"Nani? You're kidding." Kisetsu said, not believing what she was hearing.

"I think I am but I'm not sure." Reina quickly said.

"Well, do you stutter when he talks to you?"


"Do you feel hot and blush when you see him?"


"Then you, Rei, have fallen in love with him."

"You're kidding! I can't fall in love with him!" Reina denied. "He's like winter. Cold and like a blizzard."

Kisetsu smirked. Reina didn't know why though.

"Why are you smirking?" she asked.

"Because Rei, you're forgetting one thing. Winter doesn't last forever." and Kisetsu walked off.

"Huh? Kise-chan! Matta! Wait up!" Reina ran after her.