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I'm Falling In Love

Reina walked to the school once more. It was seven o' clock sharp and she saw Koya and Kisetsu by the gate with Akai next to Kisetsu.

"Rei-chan!" Akai shouted, waving at her. Reina ran up to the three and walked inside together.

"I see you already met Kai." Kisetsu said. "She's a hyper girl, isn't she?"

"Hai." Reina agreed, looking at Kisetsu. 'Don't look at Koya-san. Don't look at Koya-san. Don't look at Koya-san. Don't look at Koya-san. Oh God I just did. I need to learn self-control.'

"Ikeda-san!" They turned around to see Ami, Reiya, and Kiko. They were the school's popular girls and were part of Koya's fanclub. Ami being the president and Reiya and Kiko being her...henchwomen. (A/N: Imagine the girls from FB from the Yuki fanclub) Ami and her henchwomen always would tease Reina about her appearance, her grades (which were at an A average even though the fangirls were at a B-), and among other things.

"Hi." Koya greeted, flatly.

"It's nice to see you, Ikeda-san. I thought you weren't going to the dance." Kiko said, blinking her eyes so it would seem she was flirting.

Koya didn't answer being the loner he is. Kisetsu was on the verge of laughter but managed to keep it under control since she had a reputation to keep. Akai was laughing softly under her breath. Reina was just plain confused on why they were laughing.

"Let's go dance, Ikeda-san." Ami offered with a so-called charming smile, ignoring the other girls.

"Iie." Koya refused and walked off with Kisetsu, Reina, and Akai behind, watching the scene.

"But this is a dance, Ikeda-san. You need to." Reiya argued.

"Dancing isn't my thing." Koya said flatly. Kisetsu and Akai were very close to laughing out loud now. Reina were still confused on why they were laughing. Kiko, Ami, and Reiya finally noticed that Kisetsu and Akai were trying not to laughing.

"What are you laughing at?" Ami snapped at the two sisters.

"Let's see. Have you seen yourself in the mirror, Ami, was it?" Akai asked, very close now.

"Yeah." Ami said like it was obvious.

Kisetsu, who was carrying a book bag, took out a sketchbook and began sketched very fast. Everyone was amazed at the speed. She drew so fast that her hand was a blur.

"I don't have a mirror but this will do." and she showed Ami what she drew and Ami's reaction was priceless. She ran off to the bathroom with Reiya and Kiko behind her. Akai had burst out laughing now and the two loners were laughing under their breath. Reina looked at the picture Kisetsu had drawn and understood. She followed Akai's example and Kisetsu put the sketchbook back inside her bag.

"I knew this bag would be handy. Never knew how handy." Kisetsu said.

A violet color hair boy came up to them. "Why are you laughing?"

Akai got the sketchbook out again and then that boy started laughing. They attracted more attention and soon, everyone in the whole school had seen the picture. Everyone had burst out laughing and within only ten minutes, Ami was the laughing stock of the whole school.

"How did you learn to draw so realistic?" asked Koya.

Kisetsu was thinking and opened her mouth to answer but Akai beat her to it. "She learned from Tou-san. He was a professionial artist. He painted, drew, sclupted, you name it. That's how we got rich. Tou-san worked as an artist, Kaa-san worked as an author for books about romance."

"Wow. I never knew that. How come you never told me?" Reina and Koya both said at the same time. They looked at each other and then looked around, blushing. Kisetsu and Akai noticed this and both smirked at each other. Whoever was passing by right now at them would be seeing two people blushing and two girls smirking at each other with an evil thought in them. You can hear the gears turning in their brains and would be scared and heading for the hills. As for the blushing people, you would be shock that a loner is blushing that you just might have a heart attack. I suggest you get out of there as quickly as possible. I'm stalling. I know. Back to the story!

"Listen, I'm going outside to sketch something for the students in art class to see. I'll see you guys later." and Kisetsu had gone out of the Gym. Oh and did I mention that since they couldn't hire a teacher for Art because everyone couldn't even draw when they applied, they had made Kisetsu teach the class and she gets paid $100 bucks a day? Lucky huh? (A/N: -growls at her- Smart)

"I'll come with you!!" Akai shouted after her, running. However, they had pretended to go outside and were spying on them from a distance. (A/N: Sneaky...)

That left the couple...I mean Reina and Koya alone. Not really alone but close to it. They both looked everywhere but the other.

"Uhhh..." they both started.

"No you can go first."

"Iie. You."

"I insist."

"Ladies first."

"Okay." Reina took a deep breath and said, "Koya-san, ashi...ashite...ashiteru." When she was finished, she was blushing like mad and Koya was blinking.

"Oh for the love of God. You think he will hurry up and admit it?" Akai asked her older sister. Akai was drinking punch and had somehow gotten a bag of popcorn out of no where since they weren't serving popcorn while Kisetsu was drawing something and occasionally looked up at the two and would drink some soda.

He blinked for what seemed like five seconds more. Reina sighed and started talking a step back.

"I understand. You don't like me huh." she began walking away but something held on to her wrist. She turned to see it was Koya's hand.

"Actually...I wanted to say that..." Koya trailed off to find the right words.

Then Akai had to spoil the moment once more. "For the Heaven's Sake, Koya-kun, just kiss her and say ashiteru already! We haven't gotten all day you know!" Kisetsu drank some more soda and kept sketching while looking up at the hopefully soon-to-be couple. Makes it looks like they're going to get married soon. (A/N: -laughs nervously-)

Back to the two people who are going to say it. Reina was looking at Koya while he was doing the same.

"Listen. Rei-chan...ashiteru." he admitted, smiling shyly.

Reina blinked twice and then smiled. They both kissed softly on the lips and broke apart. Everyone in the Gym saw what happened and clapped. The couple blushed a deep red and as for the sisters who had disappear from the Gym all of a sudden...

"Ne, have you thought about the scholarship?" Akai asked her older sister. Kisetsu smiled.


"So are you going to accept?" Akai asked.

Kisetsu smirked. "Maybe. Anyway, we should consider the fact that we are going to be moving soon."

"EH!? Really?! Why didn't you tell me we were going to move again!?" Akai exclaimed in distress. She looked ready to pull her hair out. "ARGH! Where are we going this time?"

"Apparently, we're moving to England this time." Kisetsu answered.

Akai pouted. "And I was beginning to like Japan."

Kisetsu shrugged. "Nothing we can do now. Besides, it's not my fault we get so many assignments."

Akai sighed loudly. "Damn the company. I hate Love. Inc. God damn love match making company."

Kisetsu chuckled under her breath. "At least we had good memories. Now, do you know any English?"


Kisetsu shook her head. 'I need a new job besides matching people up. Maybe become a psychiatrist...Yea. That'll be cool.'

Akai's yells of complains were drowned out as an airplane flew overhead.


Kisetsu, Reina, and Koya are now twenty-five years old.

Kisetsu quit her job at the match-making company (since she had managed to calmly insult the president without even knowing and had tried to assassinate her) and became a professional tennis player, instead of going after her dream of becoming a psychiatrist. She was known as the youngest pro tennis player at the age of sixteen.

Akai stayed with the company and managed to get a scholarship to Oxford University. She is now the youngest therapist the entire world has ever seen at the age of twelve.

Reina and Koya both completed their schooling and ran a flower shop. They had a kid named Korei who is very polite and quiet. They never saw Kisetsu or Akai again, only seeing them in ads and television.

In any case, they all lived happily ever after.

Ain't that great? Now I may rest in peace after writing this and you all get a happy ending!



- Owari...The End