To War For My Heart

Chapter One

In a beautiful quiet village where peace is normally the ruler of all things and flowers bloom, bursting with colour. A girl sat. Her hair was black, it flowed to her hips and danced gently along with the breeze and lifting lightly now and then. Her eyes were slowly moving side to side as she sat among a patch of wild flowers, reading. She wore a silk green dress with a soft yellow trim. Her skin was a beautiful cream colour and her eyes were as blue as a deep sea. She was 17 years old and had a small build. If stood, she was 5'7 and had curvy in figure. This girl's name was Maria. Maria Sampson. Daughter of a farmer. She was kind in nature, sweat hearted. Maria's hair was shining with the little sun light that shone through the thick, bushed, green summer leaves. The book she read was a love story. Her favourite kind of book. She smiled as she slowly turned the page, reading every word, not letting a single letter escape her forever tracing eyes. Maria had read this book many a time before. She knew the book word for word.

"And the Prince climbs to the tower, after slaying the dragon and sweeps the beautiful Princess off of her feet." a males voice came. The male stepped out to her. He was dressed in armour, green patterns of a peacocks tail was on his chest plate. A long, thick, heavy blade was on his belt, ready to be used at anytime, it shone in the little light of the sun. He had blonde hair to his shoulders. He was a handsome 18 year old. His eyes showed much wisdom for his young age. His eyes were green. A rich green though. A little odd to most greens. He smiled, his teeth were perfect, white, not out of place at all. He was six foot in height with board shoulders.

Maria looked to him, lowering her book, her smile got wider. "Luke!" she said. She sounded overjoyed to see this male.

"You're eyes aren't lying." he said and smiled in return to her. He bowed lowly, "My lady."

Maria stood and ran the few steps to him, wrapping her arms around him, "You have returned, My Love." she said and kissed his cheek. Tears filled her eyes, but not sad tears, happy ones. Tears that held joy. Her arms got tighter around him and she kissed him deeply before drawing her head back and burying it into his chest.

"I said I would." Luke said and smoothed his arms around her. He kissed her hair. "I promised that I would return… and here I am, before you, sweet Maria." he smiled and held her close. His fingers traced down her back. "How many more times have you read that book since I have been gone, My Love?" he asked.

"Only about ten times, My Dear." Maria answered and looked at him, raising her head, she smiled, proud of her love. "I didn't think you were coming back, it has been so long."

"Three months." Luke told her. "I am sorry, are forces were falling and I had to go help another troop."

"You're not hurt, are you?" Maria asked and her eyes scanned him.

"Only a tired heart." Luke replied. "Tired from being alone." he smiled kindly at her and ran his fingers through her hair.

Maria returned the smile and placed a hand on the back of his head and kissed him deeply again. She slowly pulled away. "You're not going to war again, are you?"

"Not that I know of." Luke answered, holding her close. "Hopefully the enemy are knocked back a little now. We hope that their numbers stay low… but, you do understand that if they bring up another attack, I must go, yes?" he asked.

"Of course I do." Maria replied, hugging him. "I know that you must fight for us. For the village-"

"For you." Luke cut in. "Every time I fight, it's for you… My Love."

Maria blushed and kissed his cheek. "If I could fight for you, I would. If girls were allowed to join and become a solider, I would be at your side."

Luke laughed softly. "But you can't." he said and kissed her lightly. "You know that girls can't, it is the law." he said and kissed her left cheek. "The penalty is death, and I couldn't live if you were dead."

"I couldn't live if you died." Maria said and held him close. Maria closed her eyes and placed her head on his chest. "I love you. You're my life."

"And you're mine." Luke replied, kissing her hair as he closed his eyes too, hugging her. "Always and forever."

She smiled, not looking at him, just hugging him. Her eyes remained closed and she slowly raised her head to smell his hair. She smelt fire and dirt from his dirty blonde hair.

"How is your family, My Love?" he asked.

"They are well." Maria said and looked at him. "My father is getting old though. He wishes to make it past the winter though."

"Winter is a few months away." Luke said and kissed her nose. "I hope he gets his wish."

"Thank you, so do I." Maria said and kissed his cheek. "I don't want you to go to war again, My Love."

"But I must, Dear Maria. If I had a choice then I would never leave your side." He said and smiled.

Another smile grew on Maria's face and she kissed his cheek again. "We'll be together in the end though."

"We will, I promise, somehow, anyway, I promise that we will be together." he said and looked at her, his eyes soft and caring.

Maria's eyes were full of love for him and she rested her head on his shoulder.

"We'll have a family one day." Luke said and watched her. "A child, if you would like…"

"A child of yours would be perfect." Maria smiled warmly at the idea.

"Then it will happen, my Maria." Luke told her and kissed her neck softly.

Maria blushed as she felt his lips dance across her skin. She giggled like a child and moved her eyes to look at him. "You're funny."

He smiled broadly as he let his lips leave her neck, "I'm glad you think so." he said and kissed her softly.

Maria looked up to him happily, "My Love… My war hero."

He blushed and hugged her tightly as she laughed.

"My Hero!" she laughed, overjoyed. Glad that her wishes had come true and her love was once again hugging her. His touch was beautiful itself. She looked up to him with big blue eyes and stayed as close as she could. Not ever wanting him to leave again, to lose his touch, the warmth of his hold.

Luke laughed and kissed her nose again, "It's wonderful to see you so happy again." he said. "Well, it's wonderful to see you, doesn't matter if you're happy or not." he grinned playfully. "You're eyes are beautiful."

"But beauty isn't all that matters, is it?" Maria asked, smiling widely.

"No, you could be as ugly as a… a… umm… something that's ugly and I would still love you with every inch of my heart." Luke told her, standing tall, as if making a vow.

Maria watched and listened to his every word. She kissed his cheek softly, "That's wonderful to know." she said kindly and smiled again. "For I do not think myself beautiful." she said, looking into his eyes, telling the truth. "So you may believe what your heart wants."

"It believes." Luke told her, "In fact, it knows." he told her and laughed softly. "My heart knows you're beautiful inside and out and I will tell the world if I have too." he said and gently picked her up, holding Maria like he would a baby.

Maria let her head fall back and she laughed, wrapping her arms around his neck lightly.

"Maria… Maria…" Luke said her name slowly, happily. "My beautiful Maria…" he said and spun very slowly on the spot, holding her. Maria laughed like a child and kept her arms around his neck. She gently pulled herself closer and kissed his cheek about seven times before he gracefully put her on the ground.

"I love you." Maria said and placed a finger on his nose.

"And I you." Luke said and went cross eyed, looking at her finger. "My heart has lead me to you once again, my Maria."

"Do you follow your heart all of the time?" Maria asked, watching his eyes with her deep blue eyes.

"Every time." Luke answered. "It always leads me back to you, it must hear your heart beating." he teased and kissed her cheek. "We haven't danced yet, Maria." he said and slowly moved her hands placing one of her hands on his shoulder and held her other, gently placing his free hand on her waist and turned her slowly. The two danced throughout the forests. Each staying close to each other. Looking into each others eyes as they turned, spinning slowly and gracefully.

The two danced until the sun started to set. By that time, they stood at the bottom of a hill. Maria laughed and broke away from the dance. "Catch me, Luke!" she called happily as she turned and ran up the hill.

Luke stood for a moment, watching his love run up the poppy covered hill and smiled, tilting his head to the side. This was what he wanted. To be free… to live without war… just to live with his love in their village. "I'll catch you." Luke called as he ran after her.

Maria looked back at him, laughing happily as she tried to run faster but couldn't, she screamed playfully as he had already caught up with her, he wrapped his arms around her middle and pulled her close, falling backwards, her back on his chest as he hit the ground. They both laughed. Maria turned and wrapped her arms around him, she kissed him deeply before he could move. Luke kissed her back and sighed softly. He slowly pulled away, looking at her, running his fingers down her back.

"I love you, Maria." Luke said softly and sat up. Holding her in his lap, looking at the sun set stinking behind the mountains. The beautiful colours were spreading once more before night would take over and darkness would fill the sky so the stars could look over the people that were lost and guild them home again.

Maria watched and smiled, "So amazing." she whispered softly. "I have been here every night, watching the sun set and wishing on the stars."

"What did you wish for?" Luke asked, stroking her hair gently, laying down and holding her next to him.

"I wished for you to return to me safely." Maria answered, snuggling close to him. "I prayed every night."

"The Lord heard you, my Maria." Luke whispered as he watched her eyes closing.

Maria only smiled as she let sleep take her. She wouldn't return home this night. She would stay in her loves arms until morning. Nothing could stop her from sleeping there.