See the lightning crashing in the sky,

Feel the thunder shake the ground.

It wakes you from your blissful slumber,

Penetrates with sound.

You hear the storm outside your window,

See the driving rain:

Feel its raw, unsequestered power,

You feel it in your veins.

The thunder, it gets closer,

Lightning strikes the ground beside.

It wakes you from your dreams,

As you run away to hide.

The storm, it gets closer still,

The thunder, rumbling through the land.

Lightning jumps, cloud to cloud,

Whistling hand in hand.

It grows worse and worse,

The fright in you grows:

What is causing this awful storm?

Doesn't anyone know?

The earth shakes violently beneath you,

Then it begins to subside;

The lightning, it illuminates

The whole French countryside.

The blast shakes you from your bed,

The damned thunder from the guns.

For a moment you had gone away,

But now you're back at Verdun.

The shells scream past you,

'Till one has the deadly aim.

Oh, what you wouldn't have given,

To be back home again.