The Touch by writerforever

Sitting on the ground he waited

Inches away from him the ape sat

Staring at him with curious brown eyes

Lowering his head the boy outstretched his hand

The minutes ticked by

Heart pounding the ape moved forward

In a single second the two hands touched

Both ape and man were united

Two worlds became one

In a simple gesture, a simple touch

All was made calm and full of peace

Full of wonderment and awe

But a glass wall was between the man and ape

Breaking the ties of uniting

Destroying the awe of the moment

The reality of the moment was made known

Freedom was nowhere to be found

But joy had been brought to the ape

By the touch that let him know

That someone did care

That someone longed for freedom as much as he did

All by the simple touch

The simple touch of kindess