An Ode To Dian by writerforever

Dedicated to Dian Fossey 1932 - 1985

She left her Kentucky home

To venture in the wilds of Africa

To study the mountain gorilla

In those mountains

She found a reason to live

And a cause to fight for

She went past the limit

To save her beloved gorillas

Some say she went too far

Some condemn her

And title her as 'crazy'

But to me she is a hero

Because she fought for what she believed in

She did what it took to save an entire species

She faced danger with courage

She ignored the remarks people made about her

And achieved something that no one ever dreamed possible

For all of her efforts

She was brutally murdered in her cabin

But her legacy lives on

For no one loved the beauty of life more

And no one loved gorillas more

Than Dian Fossey