Missing You

Sitting all alone in this empty room,

Waiting for the time to fly me by,

Suffering each second I hope to see you soon,

Though I hate to admit it I'm missing you.

Waiting for the hand to reach the hour,

Hoping any minute now you'll show up,

Once again I catch myself lost in time,

Now I'm left off center, I missed the line.

Closing my eyes and I think of you,

Thinking of the times we both went through,

How times could be so cruel and yet so kind,

I found myself but I've got you to find.

And it's me looking in the eyes of nowhere,

Wishing for someone with a love to share

Thinking of this brought me back where I started,

I'm missing you; it's you who I wanted.

I'm an hour late where are you now?

I must see you, not knowing how,

As much as I want to, I know I can't.

To be parted from you is not what I dreamt.

How far did time throw me away,

And hurt me when it said I couldn't stay,

Your smile, your scent, your love, your touch,

I'm dying in pain I miss you much.

In the middle of time I couldn't breathe,

Caught in between where do these roads lead?

I don't see you in both, it's darkness behind,

An ocean of tears is what I found in mind.

Without you I realize how lost I am,

I can't see what's ahead I don't know where I'm from.

And time brought me back again in this room,

Watching it, missing you, when are you coming home?

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