"Fever in the rain"

"Everyone deserves what they are on earth for,"

His voice made its way into my head

Even though he had left me an hour ago

"So I should stay away so you could be happy,"

He said trying not to express sadness,

When he had left me,walked into the blue.

"Everything that ever loved can never forget,"

I whispered as I hugged myself,it didn't help

"So be happy now," I told myself,

But I stared out of the window into the rain

I cried again,those bright red tears.

The heavens opened,there he stood

Lost mortal in a gush of rain.

"Everything that never said goodbye must do so,"

I muttered as I stared out down the lane

I wouldn't just let him go,I flung myself

Out of my window,down into the water below.

I picked myself up,ran down the lane

Like a little child playing,

It was then that I saw him just standing

Expressionless,as if he

Looked straight through me.

The heavens opened,and there I was

The ice queen with the hidden heart.

"Everyone that loved you will never let you go,"

I predicted as I flew at him and whispered in his ear,

"Fever in the rain,"

Over and over again,

He looked up at me with tear stained eyes,

"Come on," he whispered."Go home."

"No," I sobbed into his shoulder,angels rose above me

And ignited my cold curls.

"No," was sufficient enough,he clung to me

Ignored the world.

The heavens opened,and there we were

Lovers in a thunderstorm.

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