Dream Bags: Chapter 1

Summary: Five bags spread around Japan, are the only one's of there kind. Each of them with special abilities of there own. When 15 year oldHaruno Takedo finds an old shop she finds one of these bags and buys it. Soon she and four others are pulled into a mystical adventure.

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Those who are destined for great things,

Those who will see great things,

Those who shall take the bags,

And use them for their bidding.

The Dream Bags

Beep....She was falling.....Beep.....A legend.....Beep.....Someone was calling her.....

"HARUNO GET UP!!!" screamed the voice ofElizabeth Takedo, the 35 year old mother of Haruno Takedo. She kicked her daughter out of bed, and marched out after she was sure her daughter was awake.

Climbing back to her feet Haruno rubbed her head. "THAT HURT MOM!" she called after her mom. She then closed her door and walked to her mirror. A girl with messy black hair in two pigtails that reached her knees, golden eyes, ivory skinand duck pajama's reflected back at her. She stuck her tongue out at the reflection and giggled as she went and grabbed her things.

She put her coal black hair in two high braided pigtails, and glasses went over her golden eyes to hide them. Instead of the duck pajama's she wore before it was replaced with a high schooluniform. The uniform consisted of ablue skirt that came to her ankle. A white shirt that came to her elbows, with a blue sailor collar that connected to a red bow just across her chest. It finished of with ankle socks and black shoes.

Haruno hurried out of the room and went to go grab some breakfast. On the table there was some toast, eggs, and rice. She began eating and looked at the clock it said 8:00 am, she had 30 minutes.

"Haru-chan! Mommy's tired 'cause she made breakfast!" whined Mrs. Takedo as she sat next to Haruno and leaned on her. Elizabeth Takedo was an American who had came to Japan and married a handsome Japanese man. She had golden hair and blue eyes and pure white skin; she didn't look a day over 25. Mr. Takedo had mysteriously disappeared when Haruno was 5, and to support the family Elizabeth became a model.

"Mom get off your heavy! Sides I gotta go!" said Haruno as she pushed her mother off and ran to the door. She then got her bag and lunch quickly and shouted a quick goodbye as she ran out. Her mother lay on the floor, looking blankly at the ceiling.

"MEANY!! YOUR GROUNDED!!!" shouted Mrs. Takedo who got back on her feet and glared at the door. She then proceeded to go get ready for her photo shot. All the while thinking of ways to punish her 'meany' daughter.


Meanwhile Haruno was walking in the calm sunshine outside; she lived about 3 blocks from the school. She stretched her arms, and yawned. She was still a little tired; it was probably because of her weird dreams. She had firstgotten them since she was 5, around the time her dad disappeared. She shook her head of the thoughts of her father. She didn't even remember him much so she pretended to not care when people mentioned his disappearance.

As she neared the school and automatically became quiet and sullen. Haruno Takedo was known as the loner and quiet kid. Most peopleignored her. She was so different they thought because she wore long skirts, always hid her face and was always quiet. Truthfully she was a cute and optimistic girl who could bequite popular ifshe wanted and actually noticedbut she liked being a loner.

She walked into herclassroom, 1A,and was seized with screaming. She rolled her eyes behind her glasses as she sat down in the back row next to the window. The screaming was for the four gorgeous or bishounen boys of the school. They hadn't arrived but it was rumored that they had transferred to classroom 1A. She rubbed her head and pulled out a copy of Rurouni Kenshin and began reading.

After 10 minutes the screaming became deadly loud. So Haruno finally looked up to see four gorgeous boys. She immediately blushed. "Oh my gosh, I heard they were hot but they are way beyond hot!" she thought, as she stared at them. She then remembered she shouldn't be staring at them and snapped her head back into her book.

The home room teacher Hoshikawa-sensai walked into the room and smiled at the boys. She was a 40 year old woman that wore way to much make up. She was always giving good grades to any cute boys and cute girls. That was what Haruno hated about her.

"I see you found the classroom with out problems! Come and introduce your self!" Hoshikawa-sensai chirped as she made a motioning movement to go to the front of the class. The boys followed and lined up.

"Hey I'm Kura Rotaro! And I adore cute girls!" winked a blond haired boy with sparkling green eyes. He wasslightly muscular and 5'8He had his white shirt opened a bit and black pants. The normal boys uniform for spring. He then stepped aside for the next boy.

"Humph, my name is Matsuko Okanwa." said the next boy who had orange hair and violet eyes. Matsuko had a slightly muscular body and was 5'7.He wore glasses and the uniform; he had a frown on his face and the air of superiority.Matsukothen walked aside for the next boy.

"Aoi Kozaki." bowed the next boy politely.He was 5'10 and lean.Aoi had blue hair that was so dark it looked black. He had sky blue eyes and he wore his uniform correctly with the top buttons closed and the pants not baggy. He then took his place next Matsuko and Kura.

"My name is Satsuki Chang" said the final boy, who out of all of them was the most gorgeous. He was 6'0 with a lean yet muscular body. He had white hair that softly fell around his face, and stunning ocean colored eyes. His face was emotionless.

"Ok, you can pick your seats now!" Hoshikawa-sensai said hyperly. All the girls in the room began yelling for at least one of them to sit with her. The boys of the classroomwere growling because the attention was focused all on the four bishounens. The so called bishounens ignored all of the glares and yells and took the seats next to Haruno. Who looked very surprised.

The boys didn't seem to notice Haruno. Satsuki sat behind her, with Aoi sitting next to him, Matsuko sat next to her and Kura in front of Matsuko. Haruno blinked and sweat dropped at her unlucky luck. The girls turned back at the same time and glared very scarily. The boys turned there heads or looked up and finally saw Haruno.

"Hey there's a girl here! Just noticed!" Kura said cheerfully, he then began poking Matsuko and pointing at Haruno. Satsuki just stared at her with distaste, while Aoi just sweat dropped. The girls of the classroom were now baring abnormally sharp teeth and pitchforks. The boys of the classroom were sniggering at the funny scene.

"Oh lord they can not be staring at me!" thought Haruno nervously as she sat in her seat hunched up and sweating. Matsuko smacked Kura on the head for poking him. The classroom was in an up roar because of a simple sitting arrangement. Hoshikawa-sensai was doing her best to calm the class down.

"STOP POKING ME KURA!" yelled Matsuko as he stood up and glared at the boy before him.

"WELL YOUPOKED ME!" yelled Kura as he stood up as well and glared at Matsuko. Aoi was sweat dropping, while Satsuki was staring at Haruno and her reaction.









"I WANT TO CHANGE SEATS!" yelled an embarrassed Haruno interrupting the fight. Everyone quieted down, because they were shocked that a girl actually wanted to be away from the gorgeous bishounens. Haruno was blushing like mad.

"Hoshikawa-sensai I think I'd like it if this girl would sit with us." said Satsuki dully before the teacher could say anything. The teacher looked amazed as anyone else at the requests. So she nodded her head and turned around to begin teaching. The girls of the classroom where so surprised they turned back into there seats and stayed silent for the rest of the class.

Haruno sat in her chair hunched over and sweat dropping. "Why, Why??" she thought whining in her mind. Matsuko, Kura and Aoi looked at Satsuki but he gave them the 'don't ask' look. So through the whole day, Kura bothered her with questions, Matsuko was studying her, Aoi was trying to help her with Kura and Satsuki stared at her.


5...4....3....2....1 BRING, BRING, BRING! The bell went, and so did Haruno. She had packed her stuff early, so she could dash out of the classroom. Haruno ran down the hallway, out the door, down the blocks, and into her house. She fell on the wooden floor breathing hard.

"THAT WAS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!!" wailed a frustrated Haruno as she kicked the door. She took out her anger at the poor door and when she calmed down she slid onto the floor. She was alone, her mother not coming home until that night. She decided to dress into something else.

She went inside her room and came out with baggy blue jeans and a long black shirt. Her hair was in two braids with red ribbons braided in that came out in the bottom and became a bow. Walking to the mirror, Haruno twirled around and giggled. Her glasses where off and she became her real self.

She grabbed her bag and winced at the sight of it. It was beat up and kind of ugly looking. She guessed she'd look around for a new one. Haruno grabbed her bike and rode down to down town. She didn't pay attention and accidentally rode into a different alley.

"Where the heck am I!" she said worried as she leaned her bike toward the wall and began looking around. She saw a shop at the end of the alley and decided to go in. As she opened the door a bell rung and the shop looked quiet and quaint. Haruno smiled and walked in. Books lined the walls and old antiques were on the tables that sat around. There was a hook filled with bags. She walked over and began to browse them

"This one is pretty!" she said looking at blue one, she was about to pick up another one when she heard someone call her.

Haruno, come to me

She looked around and spotted a bag on top of the counter. She timidly walked over half afraid. Half way there she decided to go back but something drew her on. "I can't control my body!" she thought as she walked to the bag. It was a black bag with a yin and yang symbol on the front. It was one of those bags that you put around your shoulder and it came down to you opposite hip.

She picked it up, and looked at it and saw it had the wordDream across it. Haruno didn't know what put her up to it but she put it on.

Open me, Haruno! It is time!

Her head shot up and she immediately took off the bag. "What is this? Who's there?" she said searching for the source of the voice. She grew scared, and tried to put the bag down.


She jumped up at the voice. "WHO'S THERE? THIS IS REALLY A SICK JOKE! I'M AFRAID!" she yelled, when she heard no answer she grew angry.

"FINE YOU WANT ME TO OPEN IT I'LL OPEN IT!"Haruno screamed grabbing the bag. She yanked the zipper open and suddenly a blinding light filled the room.

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