Paco knew he should not be jumping from roof top to roof top. But the thrill he got from hurling his body over the edge and flying through the chilled night air was way to enticing for him to resist. He thought of his actions being similar to spider man, he was not nearly as smart a kid as he was a thrill seeker. Paco is on top of his apartment building looking down over the edge at the fifty foot drop to the alley. His eyes glisten with excitement as he eyes the adjacent building to his. He hesitates, for he has never done anything like this before...

"Its only a three or four yard gap," he mumbles to himself, "I can make that jump easily." He then backs up and runs full force towards the ledge and soars over the alley and lands on the wooden plank sticking off the other building. (The board is not attached but just resting on the ledge of the building.) Not even half a second goes by and then the wooden board falls from under Paco's feet.

It happened so fast that Pac did not know what had happened all he knew was he was now hanging like a towel over a clothes line, and his jacket zipper being the clothes pin. Pac acted on the first thought that came into his head, "It's to dark to see so I'm just gonna grab that wire and swing into that open window a few feet below me". His hands shaking with fright (possibly adrenaline) he reaches with one hand and grasps his hand around the wire. It feels spongy to him, and he is losing his grip on the slippery wire. With his other hand he frees the giant zipper lose from the wire. "I'm never going to this again" he says with a stress induced sigh.


Pac reaches with his other hand and grasps the wire. Like dead weight he falls to the ground. The reason for this is it was a power line, and what killed Pac was not the fall, but the electric current that ran through his body. The sad irony is that he was only trying to kill time while he waited for dinner. Sadly, the only thing he killed was himself.