electronic love.

I dreamed about a distant place

I walked in a path covered with beautiful roses

I thought that there would be a castle in the end

violins with wings playing wonderful melodies

every song had a unforgettable story

illusions and deceptions

loves and redemptions...

when I woke up

I was in a garden of carnations

pink, red, yellow in the petals blowing away

I didn't understand but I had wings

can I fly?

the sun appearing behind the trees

and the castle I saw in my dream

the door is opened before me

precious pictures in the walls

porcelain statues in all parts

where am I?

perhaps no human has gone there.

she didn't search for heaven or hell, she just wanted you.

... on the following day

pieces of black hair around scissors...

... a last letter to the solitude in a pool of blood in the floor


... carnations in a tomb

guess, who died?