"Everything I Want to Know" By Cassandra Freiborg 7/27/05

Tell me angel,

of time and space,

how much longer,

do I have left in this place?

Will my departure be swift,

will I not be afraid?

Will I have so many regrets,

that I'll want to stay?

Will my family be by my side,

will they cry tears of pain?

Will they leave me underground,

with only a headstone to mark where I lay?

Will my friends come to visit,

will they lay flowers over my grave?

Will I be able to watch them live,

as I float off in space?

I have so many questions,

and yet Ill ask one more.

What lies in human hearts,

at a person's very core?

There just seems so much we cannot see,

and cannot comprehend,

there has to be something amazing,

lying just beyond bend.

So angel when I die,

and you come to collect my soul,

promise me you'll tell me,

everything I want to know.