A/n This story is completely plotless, pointless, and downright hilarious (if you have a messed up sense of humor). We wrote it using our vocab for English class, so it doesn't completely make sense. It's kinda based on Alexandrea Romanzesco's "Subtitling on Life" which is kinda based on "Parts of Speech" on


"We are pirates. Aargh!" says Chelsea as she stumbles along the sand on her two peg legs.

"We are also thespians! Aargh!" Alex yells as she struggles to open her beach chair with her faux hook hand. All of a sudden Brian, in a dress, and Evelyn in her gangsta clothes walk up to Chelsea and Alex.

"Word yo. Brian be a xenophobic! He'd be stiflin' me rhymes!" Evelyn complained.

Chelsea stared. "What?"

"I have subtitling on life! And subjectivity on life!" Alex waved her hook hand earnestly.

"Evelyn," Brian started.

"Don't call me that! That'd be mah slave name! Don't go depreciatin' me homie!" Evelyn interrupted.

"Well, Shanequa, your raps are startling the rabid wombats and weasels!" Chelsea's eyes widen.

"AAAHH!!!NOOOO!!!RABID WEASELS!!!AAAAAAHHH!!!" She hobbles, screaming, down the beach and jumps into a cardboard box.

All of a sudden Kristen arrives and joins Shanequa, or Evelyn, starting to perform a synchronized hip-hop dance.

Kristen sings, "Row, row, row your boat!"

Brian shakes his head, smoothes down his dress, and pulls out a mailbox. He begins to eat the mailbox and sits in the chair.

"Argh, I can't pick up my shovel with my hook!" Alex complains.

All of a sudden Morgan arrives with a big sombrero and an old fashioned Mexican poncho. "Time to do the Mexican hat dance!" He throws down the sombrero, and Alex, Kristen, Shanequa, Brian, and Morgan do the Mexican hat dance.

And off in the distance the little cardboard box begins to move as Chelsea dances.

A/n Yeah, see what I mean about utterly pointless, yet hilarious?

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