Chapter One: Megan

Megan Dominique Ryans. My headstrong eighteen year old sister.

Nothing could stop her from doing anything.

And yet, something did.

Right after spring break, my sister shortly returned to Juliard Academy in New York to make her career in acting and voice. Since she never contacted us since her return to school, we all assumed her studies were going well and that she was terribly busy with her classes. It never bothered my family and I.

Until, my older brother came home, two months early, with an old family friend.

Joshua Stephen Ryans, my overprotective twenty year old brother.

He looked worn out, so... tired. Yet my brother was never this tired never in his life. Josh was majoring in finace and buisness at the University of Massachusettes, four hours away from NYC. He brought us news that hit us like a gale at full force.

Megan was gone. Kiddnapped by the notorious gang, Sirius.

I turned to the companion my brother had brought.

Abigail Natalia Cox, my wild nineteen year old godsister.

Abby explained to us that they learned of Meg's kiddnapping from an e-mail demanding for us. Well, they were actually demanding to meet with my family to discuss the price of Megan's release. Abby also told us that by law, my parents could send the police with a search warrent and arrest the Sirius gang. Pfft. Legal terms and law. Small wonder why Abby's majoring in law. It suits her quite nicely.

My parents didn't want to involve the police. It would only mean that Meg's safety was endangered.

Perhaps, it was time to resurrect the agency.

JEM. The elite spy network and force in the nation. A secret society and agency made up of only the best. Led by the three greatest, smartest, and cleverest people that I have ever known. Made up entirely of teenagers and adolescents.

People scoffed at us. What good would a bunch of kids do? Leave that to the adults, you talentless, worthless idiots, they would say. But what did they know? They thought it was only a child's game.

But who turned in some of the most dangerous criminals of all time? Who diligently solved codes and mysteries to reveal a message that no one had seen? Who developed some of the most complicated security systems and an array of devices that no one had ever seen? JEM. It was all a bunch of kids, mysteriously handing information over to the CIA!

All the agents are older now. We couldn't keep the agency aloft. The SpyMaster quietly ordered JEM to be put into a remission state. The agency could never be activated unless we were in dire need. What need couldn't be greater than the safety of one of the best reconaissance operatives JEM ever had? What couldn't be greater than the innocent life of my older sister, Megan, whom I adored and loved?

I had to try. Before the meeting with Sirius. Before Megan was gone forever.

I am Catalina Isabel Ryans, determined sixteen year old, with nothing in my way.

Nothing at all.