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An Angel's Destiny

The Final Battle & The Final Kiss

All of them appeared later in a vast area of rocks and a couple of burnt trees.

"Where are we?" Destiny asked, looking around.

"Dragon's Nest. A place where dragons roam. We're in another world basically." Jeremy answered.

"Will we run into any dragons then?" Destiny asked, scared and looking around for any dragons hiding behind the rocks.

"I don't think so. Kise, what do you think?" Jeremy asked the second smartest person in thr group.

"I'm not sure. I think we'll see a couple dragons but they won't attack unless we provok them." she replied.

"We will battle here." Hikari finally said after so long.

"It's fine by me. Doesn't matter where we battle. After all, I'll always be the victor, no matter where." Rei said. More yayushis appeared and they all rushed into battle. Destiny however was just standing there, clutching her fists. She felt useless as she had no powers nor magic to aid her friends. She looked at the battlefield. Kisetsu, Jeremy, Koya, Shadow, and Light were fighting the yayushis while Rei and Hikari were fighting over them. Suddenly, a stray attack from Rei hit somewhere about ten meters from behind Destiny and an explosion happened of course. Smoke covered everything, making her cough and try to clear off the smoke by waving her hands.

"Dest! Get to safer grounds!" she heard Jeremy shout out to her from the middle of the battle.

Destiny obeyed and walked behind a boulder. She winced when some dust and a couple smaller rocks flew by. She got up slowly to see the outcome of the battle but suddenly dropped to the floor from the due of a shot of pain going up her leg. She looked at it. There was a huge slash from her ankle to about her knee. Blood stained her black pants and she winced again when she touched it softly.

"Why me?" she asked herself softly. She sniffed quietly.

"Des, you alright?" she turned to see Hikari coming her way. But she wasn't wearing her robe. Instead she wore a white t-shirt under a black jacket and blue jeans.

"Tory?" she guessed.

Tory nodded, confused on why Destiny had said her name. "How did you hurt your leg?" she bend down in front of Destiny, observing the wound.

"I'm not sure." she answered.

Tory placed her hand over the wound. A soft light glowed from her hands and the wound slowly disappeared but the blood was still there.

"Guess we have to wash our clothes when we get home, huh?" Tory said smiling.

Destiny smiled at that comment. "Yea." Then something clicked inside her. "What happened to Rei?"

"What do you mean?" Tory asked, tilting her head, looking confused.

Destiny gaped. "Wha-you don't...remember?"

"Remember what?" Tory asked, still confused.

'She doesn't remember anything that happened when she was Hikari...' Destiny told her everything that happened when she was Hikari.

"Oh." was all Tory could say when Destiny finished explaining.

"Oh?" Destiny repeated. "That's all you can say? Oh?"

Tory shrugged. "I guess."

"Yo Tory! Dest! A little help here!"

The two girls turned around from behind the boulder to see Rei holding Kisetsu, Jeremy, and Koya hostage. Light and Shadow were throwing energy balls at him which was doing very little damage.

"Jeremy! Kise! Koya!" Tory yelled.

"So, the little angel princess is back." Rei mocked.

"Let them go!" the tweo yelled at him angrily.

"No." the exiled demon refused.

"Let them go!!!" the two repeated.

"No." Rei denied once more.

"Come on!" Destiny shouted.

"Do a girl a favor!" Tory yelled.

"Didn't you hear what I keep saying?! NO!"

Tory sighed. "I was hoping we can do this peacefully. I didn't want to resort to this spell." She clasped her hands together as if in a prayer. Her wings suddenly sprouted behind her. She glowed a white light and was wearing the robe but it was still her. She began chanting something and Rei began glowing too only it was a black light.

"No! Not that spell! No! I've come too far to let it all go to waste!!! " Rei shrieked. He was struggling against an invisible force and he let go of the hostages. They dropped to the ground. Destiny instinctly rushed over to them.

"Are you guys okay?" she asked.

However, there was no answer. Jeremy was bleeding in several places. Mostly the arms and legs and maybe the head. His eyes was closed.

"Des." she turned to see Kisetsu holding her right arm and Koya with his arm bleeding. Their wings were folded behind them.

"What's wrong with him? Why won't he answer?!" Destiny cried.

"He didn't have time to sprout his wings. He dropped to the ground while we flew. We couldn't save him. We were too up high." Koya explained solemnly, not meeting her glaze.

Destiny held Jeremy to her lap. Tears flowed down her cheeks. "You idiot. Why didn't you fly? Why?" Jeremy didn't answer. "You're too stubborn to die! Come on! I love you!"

Her tears glowed a light blue as they touched Jeremy's cheeks. He lightly glowed and slowly opened his eyes. His pale green ones met her dark brown ones.

"Did you-" Jeremy never finished his sentence as an ear-splitting scream reached their delicate eardrums. They turned around and looked up to see Rei and Tory. Tory was chanting the last few lines of her spell and Rei was slowly disappearing. Two black orbs flew off but only Tory and Destiny saw them. Tory flew to where the others were. She retracted her wings and her robe disappeared.

"You okay?" she asked them.

"Onee-san!" Kisetsu rushed over to her, embracing her into a very very very tight hug. I feel so sorry for her...

Tory flinched at the pain she was experiencing from there and when she was fighting Rei. "Hey Kise." she looked at the others. "Ready to go home?"

When they all nodded, Tory said a spell and they all disappeared and reappeared in the garden of their palace/castle. What's the difference anyway? Wait. Nevermind. I know. Don't answer that question.

"Come on, Ksie, Koya." Tory said, walking up the stairs to the palace.

"Awww! But I want to-oh! Okay!" Kisetsu exclaimed rather energetically after figuring out what Tory was saying between the lines and followed her older half-sister inside. She's rather...hyper after a very intense battle isn't she...

Koya went after the two girls, leaving Destiny and Jeremy alone. Well...not really. The three who just left were hiding behind the wall. How come Jeremy didn't sense them? Cause Tory had put up a shield which allowed them to be there without them being sensed. Did that make sense?

"So did you really hear you say that three words?" Jeremy asked.

Destiny blushed, recalling what she said when Jeremy was unconcious. "N-no."

Jeremy didn't smile at her stuttering. Instead he frowned. "Tell me the truth, Dest."

"I didn't." Destiny lied.

Jeremy grabbed her shoulders. He looked at her with her green eyes. "Dest, this is important. You need to tell me the truth."

"I told you. I didn't." she said, staring back at him with her brown eyes.

Jeremy was gripping her shoulders rather tightly. "Dest, I'm asking you. Please...just say the truth." His eyes soften with hints of sorrow and pain. Destiny winced as she felt Jeremy's fingernails dig into her skin. She sighed mentally and nodded slowly, eyes never leaving his. Jeremy smiled and suddenly wrapped his arms around her wrist, pulling her into his chest. Destiny was surprised and tensed at the sudden movement but relaxed and hugged him back. The three unknown spectors smiled at the two and loudly cheered. Kisetsu and Tory high fived each other as Koya congratulated himself on another sucessful match. Though through all the noise they were making, the two lovebirds didn't hear them.

"I love you." Jeremy said.

Destiny smiled and kissed him in the mouth rather passionally. Although she was still experiencing some pain, those three single words and the kiss made her forget all about it.

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EDIT (2007-7-25) - Sorry but I've decided to just leave the story here. There will be no sequel, mainly because I have no more inspiration for this plotline anymore. I'm really sorry about this, if you have been looking forward to the sequel. Good-bye.