Sorry for not posting in a while or reviewing; I've been far away from the computer. However, while I was gone, I did write this. Enjoy!

Shall I Be the Caterpillar?

Fragile butterfly,

dipping, swirling,

dancing through the grass -

do you not shatter at a touch?

Fragile butterfly,

windblown, careless,

sampling the flowers -

do you not die at autumn's end?

Why don't you care?

Why are you so happy?


Lily of the field,

swaying gently,

arrayed all in white -

do you not wilt it summer's heat?

Lily of the field,

proud, glorious,

allure of honeybees -

are you not plucked to be tossed away?

Why are you regal?

Why do you not wither?


Minute kingfisher,

nesting, perching,

watching the waters -

are you not the prey of all?

Minute kingfisher,

darting, laughing,

diving at silver flash -

do not your fledglings fall to death?

Why do you stay?

Why do you not flee?


Fragile butterfly,

lily of the field,

minute kingfisher -

why are you so free? Who are you?

Who, that troubles do not plague you?


I have never known you.


Golden-cream gazelle,

graceful, timid,

feasting on green grass -

does not the cheetah slay you?

Golden-cream gazelle,

lively, playful,

frolicking about -

does not the grass die to leave hunger?

Why welcome famine?

Why remain to face death?


Silvery minnow,

schooling, flashing,

nibbling at algae -

are you not forced to flee for life?

Silvery minnow,

drifting, resting

beneath the overhang -

are you not confined to water?

Never to see land…

Why do you not despair?


And you, little child,

laughing, playing

with your simple toys -

are you not helpless in yourself?

And you, drowsy child,

dreaming, cooing,

smiling at me -

are caretakers always faithful?

Why do you not cry?

How do you trust them so?


Golden cream gazelle,

silvery minnow,

and you, little child -

what is it that frees you to trust so?

What is it named? Will you teach me?


I have much to learn.

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