Drip. Drip. Drip. Sigyn would need to empty the bowl again soon, and she would be grateful for the relief. She had spent so many years kneeling on the sharp rocks by her husband, had made so many trips to the water and back to empty the bowl. When she returned, Loki would only be in an even fouler mood, she knew. She shuddered to think how he would be, if she had left his, as Odin had urged her to. She had been wedded to him, though, and she could not turn her back on him. It seemed that she was the only person who stood by his side anymore. Even Thor had stopped visiting now, but she could understand. All Loki ever did now was curse, with brief interlude of begging for forgiveness. None would grant it to him. Not even Sigyn could forgive him, though she would not abandon him.
Drip. The bowl filled to its brim, and she rose, carefully sweeping her cloak from beneath her legs. Loki rolled his eyes towards her, but remained silent. Anything he could say, all the curses he knew had been used a thousand times before, and Sigyn had always remained silent. The rock his head rested on was jagged and slippery. Between that, and Loki's violent struggles ad the poison dripped into his eyes, she had nearly fallen into the sea more than once, so she walked slowly and carefully to the ledge she dumped the venom down. The bowl had been a gift from Frigg, upon her marriage to Loki, and it could hold a tremendous amount. Still, she had to empty it too frequently for her comfort. So often, in fact, that the algae that once grew along the side of the ledge was long dead and gone, and the fish she used to see jumping in the waves had disappeared.
Her shoulders slumped as she picked her way back to her husband. She could hear his hoarse screams, calling vengeance onto Odin, Thor, poor dead Balder anybody he could think of. It made Sigyn's heart ache. She wanted to help, to do something, but it was his own fault. She loved him, but she hated what he had done to Balder, and now what he was doing to her. She hadn't seen any of her friends, her family in so long, but couldn't leave. His punishment had become hers as well.