Cain sighed and tapped his foot, peering over a stack of cardboard boxes. The storage room was full of dust and agitated Nitesh's sinuses, but he didn't seem to mind very much. Ever since he had gotten the job in the second-hand bookstore, he had come home happy, if sniffley and late. Today he had come to pick him up, but he seemed insistent on working late again. "Nitesh! Let's move it! The scones are going cold!" he called over a sea of boxes and paper.

"Hold on! I want to finish sorting the fantasy shipment from last week," was the muffled reply. Cain sighed and propped the bag up on a stack of hardback mystery novels. He thought that Nitesh's voice had come from somewhere in the left corner, so be began to pick his way through the slumping piles.

"Why? Can't you just leave it until tomorrow?" he called, snaking through the columns of yellowing paper.

"No, we need to have it restocked my Tuesday," came the answer, somewhere behind him. Cain turned to find a blockade of romance novels, and started backtracking. "Besides, I hate leaving a job half done."

"Yeah, right. Because you never leave half the dishes in the sink," Cain groused, climbing over a pile of boxes. "And you know, you never water just half of the-" he turned around to see Nitesh sitting under a landslide of books. His hair, normally blonde, was an odd shade of grey, and looking rather fuzzy and the edges. His face was smeared with grey, and he had three novels in each hand.

"Did I mention that we're quite backlogged?" he asked sheepishly. "Because you know, we kind of are. I've been thinking about calling in a book collector, to see if we have anything really valuable..." Cain just grinned, and sighed.

"You can do that tomorrow. Come on, I want to go home. And you haven't tried my latest raspberry scone recipe yet," he added, playing at his companion's weaknesses.

"Well... I guess it can wait," he admitted, standing up. Dust and books slid off of him, and he grasped Cain's hand, leading him back through the labyrinth of pages.