The rain pounded down harder, nearly blinding drivers with great white sheets of water. The sky was pure white with storm clouds, and the highway was white with raindrops. Mark plucked a weed from a crack in the cement and began to shred it. /Figures this'd happen. I shoulda asked Jim for a ride. Jessica will be furious. / He watched the cars zoom by. He had taken his motorcycle to meet his girlfriend at the movies, and had gotten caught in the sudden downpour. Blinded and soaked, he had been forced to pull over underneath an overpass to wait.

He didn't know how long he had been waiting, but it felt like forever. The rain was giving no sign of letting up, and it was getting dark. He was chilly, but it could be worse. Even in a thunderstorm, Florida was hot and humid.

He whipped some of the grass stain off his fingers and onto his jeans. / I hope Jessica forgives me.../