The autumn sky was a soft white, blue smudged away by heavy clouds and rain that was yet to come. The park was bare. The trees, bushes and tables were clear and isolated, like skeletons of long dead monsters alone in a museum. Only a few weeds, poking their swaying heads between sidewalk cracks still lived, and a meager existence it was. Even the poor deprived humans that the park had been saved for had abandoned it, mothers keeping children indoors and old men's wives demanding their attentions.

The girl walking through noticed none of this. Her eyes were fastened on the store she could see at the end of the path, and her ears were full of music instead of the whistling wind. Her red velveteen coat and violet hair stood out like yellow roses in a charcoal pit, and she swayed with her music, CD player gripped in one flailing hand, book in the other. Her boots crunched the yellow grass and weeds while marking her rhythm on the cement.

Then as soon as she was there, she was gone. The unknown unknowing had passed the temporary graveyard safely, and arrived at her haven on the other side.