I sit and I watch.
An empty horizon.

There's something different about this one. I always come back here to watch the twilit sky saturated with golden specs of light, but still, its empty.
The sun fades and around me, the flower's flames subside with it. They curl and retract, and go to sleep. Tree's about me start to glow, luminescence tracing the bark along their trunks and branches. Nocturnal flowers sprout and light the ground with hundreds of mellow tones all glowing and radiant. But still, there's nothing but emptiness.
There's a strange warped buzzing from the incandescent flora and all around specs of glowing pollen are hanging lightly in the air. I look up, the moon is a cool blue and the galaxy and its billions of stars shine behind it, swirling with purple and blue aura's. I see life being created and dissipating in the distance as stars implode in one final bloom of colour. A breeze touches my hair and my nose is filled with the warm aroma of the flowers. Yet it all seems hollow.
I look at the grass beside me and see nothing but a silent dew hanging off the green blades. A single tear streams down my face and smashes onto the dew.
This time I think I'll stay here. I wont leave like the other times.

Time passes but I don't know how long. Time doesn't exist. But I grow old.
The flowers around me depart and arrive, so does the Sun and so does the Moon. So do the stars and the trees and the grass. And finally the grass starts to grow over my feet and my hands. It works itself up my arms and legs, and over my body. Flowers and trees start to grow. I feel happy and I sit still. I let it take over me and for once feel content. I think I'll just wait.

I'll just wait until I disappear.
I'll disappear.