Too many cowardly anonymous reviewers have left one too many anti-Jesus, anti-me, anti-God comments.

The words pop onto the screen:



Jesus hates you,

God does not exist,

No Heaven above.

The words sting the eyes,

But my soul,

It burns,

Oh yes,

It burns,

With fiery hatred for these cowards,

But mostly it burns,

With pity.

Despicable creatures,

Not enough gut

To leave a signed review.

No word shall change my


No matter how many


Unjust things

People say,


Shall not bring me down.

Like a rock

I shall remain.

Like a river,

The words shall flow.

Come forth from me,

These words.

Let them come forth,

These words

of rebellion.

They shall not bring me down,


They shall not bring me down.