A/N: Hello fiends, I have returned. No, I still have not worked out what I set out to accomplish, which makes me feel really stupid and pathetic coming back only after a week or two, however, I have decided that it is neither fair to you, nor is it healthy for me, to completely leave fictionpress. So, here is my new proposal. I will post one piece once a week. This gives me plenty of time to sort out my other issues, while still giving my readers something to look forward to. So, sit back, and bask in my comeback poem and wait for next week…

Necromantic Resurrection

Thunderheads, black and strong

Swiftly rolling off the sea-wind's song

Sirens lay on rocks in crimson heaps

A raven soaring starts to weep

A lightning crash splits the waves

Bones shake and turn within their graves

Obsidian candles cast pale glows

Chants and cries begin to flow

My mind, once sealed, doors all closed

Is opening, a new life proposed

My heart beats anew, within my chest

Pumping blood to all the rest

Of the organs I lost when I lost myself

Restoring me to perfect health

My hands still grasped around the quill

I see the Earth is deadly still

No breath may fall, no peep may sound

As I crawl out from the ground

Hooded figures, wrapped in robes

Eyes so dark and round like globes

I see the world, I see my home

I am once again free to roam

I storm the door, I break inside

The new occupants run and hide

I take my place upon my chair

To rip open old scars, relive old despair

The sorcerers surround me for my own protection

As I begin to write anew after my necromantic resurrection