it all started with a paintbrush stroke
of your fingertips staining into my skin
and flooding through my bloodstream
like hummingbirds headed straight
to my heart. and you squeeze my flesh
innocent to the lingering thoughts
pumping inside of me desiring escape,
i'm petrified one day i'll break and
you'll know my morbid acid fantasies
of me and you. intoxicating me, naked
im sedated and you're my antidote but
to drink you i'd choke because its wrong
to think of you like that let alone act on it.

and i tried to tell myself its all a stage,
a phase but i'm falling future for you
everyday and when you stroke my earlobe
my defences are so feeble, i can't help
shattering into a million porcelain pieces
of ecstasy as soon as im alone. and
ive asked the eight balls and ouiji boards
but they all tell me im wasting my time,
you'll never be mine so i don't ruin
my wishes on you anymore, but when
i close my eyes its paradise perfect
and i can not stand this stubborn reality.

because girl you're my vintage angel, my retro heartache
and you may only mean it by mistake
but you're pierced inside of me, stuck in hard
it hurts to hold it all inside. as you stand there
like a plastic angel, neon lights surrounding your
snowflake touches that brand into me like cigarettes
you're unrequited, unreachable and ever so
oblivious to the soft little fact that i'm burning
hotter everyday.

burning up inside for you.