The snow had never felt so warm as it floated in timeless space,

Till the day I met you in the that long forgotten place,

Forgotten by those who longed to forget,

What lingered heavily with sadness and regret,

That place in time long since passed,

The memory itself will surely last,

The story told with the background of snow,

That ended in loss when the storm had to go,

A story where the storm was brighter than the sun,

Ironic was the fact that the cold was number one,

Many things didn't make sense than, and several were lies,

But I was just too busy drowning in your eyes,

The deep oceans of my mind, the twin moons in the night sky,

Such things I would miss when my soul began to die,

The day that you left without a goodbye,

Not even a nod, smile, or sigh,

Gone with the storm, away with the clouds,

Now the sun beats down, and the world is full of angry crowds,

Angry beings trying to take my mind hold,

None are unique, all soulless and cold,

Snowflakes are known for never being the same, but people are not,

Except for that one who meant a lot,

Who would make me forget what I never thought I would,

To laugh the laughs I never could,

To smile the smile I dreamed of smiling,

To end the suffering and slowly dying,

The first time I was ever needed and maybe the last,

That ship set sail with a silver mast,

And the hardest thing to do now is find a reason to grin,

When all I can do is dream of when the snow will come again.