Forgiveness with out vice

He moved like a thief

he stole her life

took her dreams

and drowned them in drugs

so when it rains

she remembers and calls it love

Only two months

but to her it felt like years

Running from family

Hiding from tears

To embarrassed to face the facts

Though she knows in her heart

That all her potential was wasted

She let her life fall apart

And now that true years has past

She's all alone on her own

Trying to mend the pieces of a broken home

She has one beautiful daughter

He has countless unclaimed sons

She works two jobs and dances

For him his boys and fun

Shes broken down

The threads of her life grown bare

She wonders every evening if

When she wakes he'll be there

And knowing that he wont she cried

But for the kids she dries her eyes

And holds her head up to the sky

And prays to god to tell her why