I'm just a normal teen.

With normal problems.

I hate to make my bed.

I hate to clean my room.

And I hate society.

Well I can't really say all of humanity now can I? Because I haven't met everyone in the world, so I'd be a liar. Which I'm not. I hate liars, I hate people basically. People…are like sewer rats. They crawl out of a hole, and bug everyone they come in contact with. They smell bad; yes I think perfume and cologne smell awful, they look grotesque too! I mean come on people, wear more color! Or wear more clothes!! I don't want to get depressed when I see you and I don't want to cover my eyes while I'm enjoying a walk around the park. But please, stop being so damn cheerful all the time! I mean it's no use being depressed all the time, but happy? That's a little over the top! And come on guys…we all know you think your hot stuff but contain your showing off for someone who cares about you, like those easy cheerleaders over there! Yeah the ones that say 'I'm a virgin' and say it proudly but in reality…their not! They just want to give off that image so they don't seem like sluts or whores. Yuppers, I have strong opinions about the people in this town. But who doesn't? Someone always believes something is wrong with someone else, what's wrong about finding something horribly wrong with everyone? Nothing in my opinion, but that's just it, it's my opinion so I say what I want! Don't you just want to hate me right now? I know if I were you I would. I mean I'm grumpy all the time, I wear…clothes (yes it's so boring it's indescribable!), and I do what I want! How free spoken can you get?? I've been in…well I've lost count of how many foster homes I've been in. but the house I'm in now doesn't seem too bad. I mean it's not like my ideal home but it's something. The people are nice, they give me food, and they let me do what I want. It's nice…I like it.

Did I just say that? That I liked something? That's so weird!! I've never liked anything…well eventually I'll end up liking something! So why not start now? As I sit here writing there's a fight going on downstairs. There are always fights around here. And it's mostly about…me. I'm always getting in trouble. And the dad of his house doesn't really like me. The mom likes me though. The son…dude he's in love with me. It's so gross!! Like he's all like…emotional all the time, I think that's why he has EMO written on his hand all the time. I find it stupid, I'm emotional! I show emotions. I show hate, anger, loath, and…well that's it. And that's emotional!! But oh well…I mean he's okay to look at I guess, if he would stop slouching all the time and acting like he's all depressed and smiled once in a while I might be interested. But that's like saying I should be normal and stop complaining. Which I know I should, but there's really nothing to do other than that. And if you grew up how I did you'd be just like me. Yeah yeah I had a bad childhood, but I'd rather not get into that right now. I mean that's so….like 14 years ago why would I want to go back now? Exactly my point! You wouldn't! Its over and done with that cares?!

Okay…well now…I guess I should like…tell you about my day huh? It was awful. Totally and utterly awful. God where do I start? There's like…when I woke up, or when I went to school, there's also the time I go to class or when I went to lunch. How about I start at the beginning. That'd be my dream right? Yes…okay I'll start there…

center I I was sitting on the grass in a local park down the street. I was drawing a dead flower in a flower pot when I hear my name being called. I look around and see no one. 'Must be in my head' I say to myself and go on drawing. Then I hear it again, this time closer and louder. I turn around and no one again. 'Damn those pills' I go one drawing and finally finish. 'Yes!' I stand up and come face to face with probably one of the hottest guys I've ever seen. He had straight black hair that was long and kinda was parted so some of it fell across his left eye. He had the greatest eyes in the world, brown. God I know what's with me and brown eyes? But I love them. It's like green, gray, and blue aren't really interesting to me. It's brown. It's like…you can just feel the emotion in them more then blue or green or gray. His lips too…wow. He was wearing a black ac dc shirt and dark blue jeans. Black high top converse shoes. Damn this guy was hot. He looked me in the eye and kissed me. Yes kissed me! I was floating on clouds and enjoying every second of it. Then he pulls away and I fall. Fall down and then THUMP.

"Get up!!" I hear Josie say to me. She's my foster mum. "You're gonna be late for school." I wait until she leaves and then drag my feet across to the bathroom. I run a hot bath and have to bite my lip from screaming. That's how I like my showers, nice and hot, cause then the rest of the day is nice and cool. I washed my hair and all that jazz and got out. I put on my normal attire, which consisted of a plain t-shirt which is black, gray, red, green or blue. And faded jeans or Capri. Which are all loose fitting so I have room to put my wallet in the back pocket. I put on my socks and purple converse and walk to the mirror to decide what to do. So I'm standing in front of my mirror and I see the same old' sight I see everyday. Almond shaped eyes. Long black hair that's a little wavy. Pale skin. And red lips. A little like snow white but I'm not falling for that whole prince thing. I put on some eyeliner that makes my eyes look prettier then the ugly bluish gray color they are. And call it good. I grab my back pack and a pop tart out of the cupboard and manage to catch the bus. I sit in my regular seat in the front and listen to a mix cd that my best friend Ray made for me. I missed Ray; he didn't deserve to die from cancer. He was awesome, he was great. He was probably half of the reason I hated the world so much. Or at least this town. I picked at the nail polish on my nails and stared out the window. Then I see someone come on the bus at the next stop that looks vaguely familiar. I remember those brown eyes. That long hair. I remember those converses! It was the guy from my dream. I pinch myself to make sure I haven't dosed off and realize this guy is real. Realer then ever. I stare at him wide-eyed and he looks up. I quickly look away and beat myself up mentally for staring. I continue to pick at the red nail polish on my nails when I feel someone sit down next to me I glance over and it's him! Mr. Hottie from my dream! I blush when I notice him staring at me and turn away. I feel him tap me after a minute or two and I paused the music and took off my headphones.

"Hi I'm Jack." He says sticking his hand out. I shake it.

"Hi." I say.

"This is the part you're supposed to say your name." he leans over and whispers. God he smells good. I look at him, and hope to god he won't make fun of me. Everyone has.

"I'm Cobie."

"That's an awesome name!" he exclaims like it's the coolest thing in the world. "Did your parents make it up or are you named after someone?"

"I'm named after my great grandma." I said. I loved that old lady; she died the same week Ray died. They were both the only people in the world to understand me.

"That's so cool! Is she...."

"Yeah she died a few years ago." I said.

"That's sad." I sighed as in the good way. Everyone that I've told that to has said their sorry, and then I say did you kill her? They'll say no. and I'll say then you shouldn't be sorry. But this guy was pretty cool. He was alright in my book.

"Yeah…" I say and kinda smile. That surprised me. I mean the last time I full on smiled was….5 years ago. That's a long time ago. I'm 16 now.

"Hey Jack jack!" I hear that oh-so-irritating voice call from behind me. It was David and his girlfriend Laurie. "What are you doing sitting with that loser? Sit with us!" the look on his face says no, but he ends up moving anyway.

"I'll see you at lunch." Is all he says before he leaves. So I'm left alone on the god-forsaken bus that I've been riding for, who knows how long. When the bus unloads I walk to my locker and put my useless books inside and close it. Walking to my first period, which is my favorite and best class. Art. I walk in and take my seat at the tables instead of the easels because I need to plan out what I'm going to paint. I'm sitting there and then I hear the door open, someone's' either late or very early.

"Class I'd like you to welcome Jack Miller. He's new today so let's show him what it's like to be in honors Art." I look down at my drawing, thinking he'll find someone else to hang out with. Though none of those David 'followers' or Laurie 'minions' are in this class, it's honors so we only have the best kids in here. He must be pretty good at art to be in here.

"Hey Cobie." I hear and look up. It's Jack.

"Hey skellington." I say and practically die laughing inside.

"You like that movie too?!" he asks.

"Yeah…" I say unsure of myself.

"Me too." He says simple and takes out a sketch pad and charcoal.

"You draw?"

"No I paint, but the lighting off your face right now gives me an idea."

"You're going to paint me?"

"Yes…you're beautiful right now." Whoa, was this guy hitting on me? That was odd, considering he's like, my dream guy. Literally. Well it wasn't the first time my dreams were some what connected to real life. I mean I had a dream ray got scratched really badly and he ended up getting his throat sliced by a gang. God that was terrible. But anyways I just sat there while he sketched me and I didn't get anything done then an outline. The bell rang and I grabbed my stuff and put it in a mini locker in the class.

"Cobie show Jack his locker and how to open it. His number is 313." I nod and go to find his locker. I find it and I realize its 4 away from mine. I show jack how to open it and go to get my books so I'm not late.

"Know where to head next?" I ask.

"Nope." He says and smiles.

"Let's find it then." I say and look at his schedule. I look at my jack and sally watch and it turns out I have 4 minutes to show him his classes. I make it to English without a tardy mark. I sit in my seat and get out my book. Okay now to make a long story short I make it to lunch without being made fun of or taunted. YES!! I grab my lunch, which is a turkey sandwich, chips, water and a pudding and sit down. Of course the minute I sit down everyone gets up and leaves the table. So I'm left alone. These people act as if I have a disease. I start to eat my lunch when I hear shouting coming from the jock table.

"Dude, you go and sit with Cobie the loser you can consider yourself banished from popularity."

"Fine…I'm banished." I hear Jack's voice say in reply. I look up and he's walking over to me. He slams down his tray making his tater tots fly everywhere and sits down.

"You-okay?" I ask. He looks at me and I can tell he's pissed. Not at me though because his features instantly soften when he looks at me.

"Yeah…fine." He says and takes a bite out of his hamburger.

"You know you could have just stayed with them, I don't mind being alone…"

"No. I figure if they are so self centered and can't handle it if I sit with someone else I shouldn't be friends with them." He was a smart fellow. I nod and eat my chips.

"What are you doing tomorrow?" he asks out of nowhere.

"Uh…sleeping till noon. Eating pizza for breakfast. Then sitting on my bed reading or writing on the computer. Why?"

"Cause I need to finish that drawing if I can paint it before the annual art showing next Wednesday."

"Oh…well you can come over to my house I guess…wait. Scratch that. I think Josh will get so jealous he'll kill himself."

"Who's josh?"

"My foster brother. He's like in love with me."

"Well I wouldn't want anyone dead. So you'll come over to my house?"

"Sure, I just need to know the address and I'll be there about 1?"

"Sure." He said scribbling down his address on a napkin. "But we're still unpacking and it's a mess. And my little sister might think you're like a goddess for a little bit. She loves new people, and since we moved I think she believes she's died and gone to heaven." I laughed and tucked the napkin in my pocket. Whoa that was like the first time I laughed since…well 5 years ago. Weird. What's next smiling?

I end up making it through the day un-taunted and in perfect mental condition. When I get off the bus I hear Jack yell out the window.

"SEE YA TOMORROW COBIE!" I practically die of the blood rushing to my head and I hurry home. I can't believe it; he was going to paint me. And like…I was going to his house!! Wow…

Dude. That was my day. Wasn't it like…awful? Like awfully perfect!! Hah did I ever tell you that I'm kind of a softy for little kids. God I love them, they are so funny and kinda cute. Though brats I admit but cute none the less. Okay so I kinda exaggerated everything earlier. I hate people, but I'm kinda open to people. At least the people I dream about. And boy was he a very nice dream! Whoops, I'm getting carried away. I mean I can't like him, I just met him. And believe me he had girls practically melting for him while we walked down the hall, so he can't be interested in me. Ah well I guess only tomorrow can tell what happens. Though I just pray I get a good dream tonight instead of a bad one cause if something bad happens I don't think I can handle any type of humiliation anymore. Well until tomorrow diary….

I live for tomorrow but is tomorrow really there? ?