Ello. Well…another day another nightmare. Yes that's right. But it was really weird today…like there was a new student in all of my classes and she kept hitting on Jack. And since I can now claim Jack as mine I got jealous, Jack didn't look interested one bit but it was bugging me the rest of the day, cause that chick would just walk up to him while he's walking down the hall and just start talking to him, now I don't mind it when people talk to Jack, but this chick was batting her fake eyelashes and jiggling her big boobies in his face practically saying 'I need you tonight!' it was gross. But dude! I'm his girlfriend! I should get him whenever I wanted and this chick was taking him away from me. But…I'll get past that for a second…Now where to start oh where to start on how my day went…There's school, well I basically told you about it other then people realized Jack and I were going out when I kissed him in the hallway, it wasn't like a make-out kiss it was a peck on the lips okay? But yeah…There's also when I went home, or the bus ride home. Okay totally changing the subject but what came first the chicken or the egg? I personally think that the aliens helped form the eggs. So technically the aliens came first. But yeah…that's just me being me.(yes I believe in aliens, the good nice kind and the evil 'I'm gonna kill humans' kind.) but anyways back to my day. I'm just gonna start on the bus ride home…

"So…Cobie I need to ask you a question."

"what is it?"

"Well…we're going out. And we're still good friends. But…well…we've been kinda serious for a while now and don't you want to take a break?" dude was this guy like breaking up with me? And so soon????? Dude what the crap?!


"I'm not saying break up totally. Just let's go our own ways. You know the saying if you let it go and it comes back you should love it forever. Well just think of this as a test."
"your testing me?" I asked, "as in testing if I really like you?"


"Jack that's bull shit! You shouldn't have to do this!" I thought for a moment, "it's about that new girl isn't it?!" his face went red

"It is! Your dumping me for some chick you barely know!!"

"I'm not dumping you!"

"So you'd be cheating me on then!?"

"No! your taking it the wrong way."

"no I'm not. I see how this is. You just thought you could say let's take a break and go out with her, see how she is. And if she's good enough dump me!" I looked out the window, "STOP! This is my stop" I yelled at the bus driver.

"Cobie what are you doing?"

"leaving." I said, I walked up the bus driver and thanked him. As I walked off the bus I heard someone coming after me.

"you can't just run from everything Cobie."

"I'm not running. I'm walking. And I can if I want to, all I have to do is call the foster people and I can be out of your life for good."

"Is that a threat?"

"no. It's a promise."

"so…your leaving?"

"The only reason I had for staying is no longer an obligation."

"I was an obligation?"

"Yes. If you want to know the truth." That was a lie. I big FAT lie. God…that hurt me more then it hurt him.

"Fine! Keep running away from your fears."

"What fear? The only fear I had was dieing. And that was cause I had you! And now…well you can tell why!" I said and started to walk away.

"your not going to kill yourself are you?!" he yelled from down the street.

"What's it matter to you?! I'm out of your life as of now." I yelled back.

"COBIE!" He yelled but I ran home. I locked to door and ran to my room. I ignored the rocks hitting my window and turned on the music…

"life planned out before my birth,nothing could I say/had no change to see myself, moulded day by day/looking back I realize,nothing have I done/left to die with only friend/alone I clutch my gun!!" I screamed along with the music. I couldn't handle it. That was my only fear, of dying but for some reason I know welcome it with open arms. I opened my door and went to Josh's room. He wouldn't be here for a few more minutes so I had time. I searched his room, under his mattresses, in his closest but I finally found it in his top dresser. It was a handgun issued by some gun dealer. I loaded it and walked back to my room…

Short, but that's what I'm doing right now. I'm looking at the gun wondering what to do. Though there is really only one thing that you can do with a gun…

Well this is my last entry my friends. I thank you for reading it, and I thank you for caring if you did. I send my regards to Sally, may she live a sweet life and grow big. I hope my death does not affect her happy soul. I love her to death I really do, if she was my own I wouldn't be doing this. Good bye Sally….

That was the last page entry of a girl named Cobie. She was a good person, a nice girl. She had loved someone and he turned around and burned her. But what was the tragic ending for her was just the beginning… When she was found on her bed on her wall in her own blood was written three bold words that would change everyone who knew her…

I'm a Fake


That's it. This Stories over. I hope you liked it!! And from now on i'll continue my Kiss Me Goodnight series, but that'll have a slower update due to i'm going to write it out as i go. bye bye!