Pray sweet tears

Have we been lost all these years

Silent witness to the hand of mortal faith

Yearning to reach out and touch those without grace

That we may bless them with our warmth

Sooth away their pain with deeply delivered calm

But no healing touch would work the knots from these souls

These broken men who know not what the future holds

looking back on years of failure

decades of wasted youth

Is now the time to morn their passing

From rashness to recluse

From ambitious to ambiguous

Mumbling their darkest secrets into soft palms

The mark of a life lived long and sheltered

Unblemished by hard toil unbent by hard times

Whose only sufferings are those of us all

Birth , sickness , death

Will someday take them

But will any remember their footsteps

Distinguish their star amongst heavens brightest eyes

Were we to move them like pawns

Send them out before us

Marching unknowingly into demise

Would we be any more honest of intention

Pray sweet tears will find him there

Stranded amongst the weeds

As leaden heather heads brush against his knees

Silent as the winter wind

That stunts the strongest trees