Free spirit

All you want in this life is just to get to heaven

And then you realize that you've fallen, fallen

So when you feel the heat you know your broken ,broken

Laying In defeat you know its all right

Walking now alone I stand still

Starring out along the shoreline

Counting all the footsteps there were

Many I've never seen before

Who are these faceless people

Following the path I trod

Can you hear their voices calling

Can you feel the hope they bore

Where are their shining stars

Where are their diamond tears

Who are their faithful mentors

Guiding lights to ease our fears

When we fall down

When we fall down

Whose voice is it they hear

Silently at me they stare

Wondering whose words inspired

These stirring sounds that they now hear

How far is it to heaven

Brother please wont you let know

Plant the seed of knowledge in me

Be a friend and help me grow