Dragging Me Down

Let it go; it's over forever

Never turn back; keep going

Be strong

No regrets, no doubts

You must continue to live

Nothing tying you down

To a time that no longer exists

Don't hope; don't dream

It's impossible

You're impossible

You can't dawdle behind

Keep up; don't lag behind

You're slowing me down

You fucking idiot; get out

Leave me alone to move on

Glide on through my life

Damn you

Why can't you just get the hell away?

I'm way ahead of the likes of you

Way ahead

And you're hanging on by a thread

A measely thread

I'm sick of this shit

Go the fuck away

I hate you

So clingy

So desperate

So insecure

Let me be




You disgust me; I loathe you

You drag me down

I've been so depressed because of you

Selfish you

Inconsiderate you

I despise you


So damn pathetic

Stop being such a part of me

Stop taking me over

Burn away



Just don't exist




My heart's in two

And half doesn't belong

That half, my dear

Is you