To Wish

Brutally soft fangs grazed tender skin, bringing a slow sob from underneath. "Quiet now, darling, don't you cry," Sable whispered. "Hush, love, it will be over so soon."

The woman beneath Sable sobbed again, trying to choke out a plea for mercy. Sable stroked the young woman's hair reassuringly. "There there, love, hush now." Sable pressed her lips to the young woman's neck in a lazy kiss. "I'm not so bad, you see?" Light fingertips danced over the young woman's breasts, delighting in the heavy rise and fall. The young woman continued to sob and Sable scowled. "Darling, I'm doing this for you! Only for you…" Fingers continued their exploration as she pressed a chaste kiss to the young woman's lips. "Don't you want—" Another kiss to the lips, deeper this time as Sable pressed urgently against her. "eternity?" A nip to the neck with the fangs, followed by a burning kiss. "Don't you want—" Fangs clamped lightly down on the woman's earlobe, making her shiver and groan. "to find—" A kiss to the collarbone. "God?"

"No!" the woman sobbed.

"No? He'll be so disappointed to hear that." Sable stroked the woman's hair again as she kissed the swell of her breast through a damp blouse.

"No…please! Please let me go!" The woman's sobs rose to a crescendo as Sable clamped her hands down on the woman's wrists.

"Let you go, darling?" Sable leaned down so her mouth was right next to the woman's ear, hot breath stirring the damp hair. "Why would I ever let you go? I adore you…so much…"

The woman's heavy breathing quickened as Sable pressed one hand to the woman's neck, thumb threatening to crush her windpipe. "I really do adore you," she whispered. "Your scent…your eyes…I can smell your blood and I desire it so much. And I'm giving you such a gift, darling. I'm letting you leave this world! This world of war and disease. You'll be so much happier in the grace of God…and you'll love me when you remember that I sent you there." Sable pressed one more kiss to the woman's lips, one hand still on her neck and the other clutching her resistant form closer.

"Oh, darling," Sable moaned. "You're so…warm…" She removed her hand from the woman's neck and the young woman began to sob again. Sable pressed a soft kiss to the woman's neck, and then bit down. The woman screamed as Sable's fangs sank deeply in. The screaming slowly died as Sable drank her fill, so deeply lost in her fulfillment that all she could hear was the blood coursing through her own veins.

She despised what came next; as the woman began to die, memories mingled with the blood and Sable momentarily found herself living another's life. The sunlight and the laughter filled Sable's veins and she snarled against the woman's neck. She could taste coffee and lipstick, smell sterility and cinnamon. And as the woman's heartbeat faded forever, Sable could see the woman's eyes, staring in unashamed wonder at a sky brilliant with blood and grapes as the sun set. Sable could feel innocence and love in the woman's gaze towards the sky.

The vampire disentangled herself from the limp body beneath her. She stared wonderingly at it for a moment, touching a finger to her bloody lips. "I really did love you," she whispered, and walked away.