Conspicuous by absence
that's what you are today
I know you didn't agree
but you could have come anyway
but if its gotta be without you
then I'll do it my way.

You were not there to
witness my birth
You were having a meeting
When I arrived on Earth
It was important
They always were
But what of my mother?
Did you think of her?

And when my mother died
You were away then too
Another meeting
All you ever do
And when I told you you
Didn't even cry
You just said "After this meeting
I'll be right by"

And I know you don't approve
of the path I chose
Well here's some news for you
I don't care you know.
I don't care if you accept me
For who I am
Cause you were never there
You don't know me man.

And now you know that you'll die soon
And you suddenly care
Well I guess you don't wanna be alone
You need someone there
Well guess what dad,
I needed someone too
And just where were you
when I needed you?


A/N this isn't about me, tho I know people
in similar situations.