On the morning of June 12th 2006 Adam Yardley awoke to his favorite song coming on his alarm clock that had been set for 7:00am and was now playing loudly in his ear. He rolled over and thought to himself. "It just doesn't get any better then this"

Adam was most of the time a very sweet boy. At about 6 foot even, he is known for his very green eyes, and the dark brown hair he shared with two of his older brothers. He was also blessed with a very athletic body, he knew he could be the best in every sport if he decided to try, but he preferred just hanging out instead of sports.

He took a deep sigh and jumped out of bed and waddled across the room searching for his pants.

He usually gave his twin sister a rude awakening every morning. Since he was obviously the early bird in the family!

But this morning (it being their Birthday and all) he had an extra special something planned for her.

Although he never tired of kicking his sister's door open with a loud BANG and running in and jumping on her yelling "THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM!",

And she would whack him with whatever had been in her reach and replying,

"the early bird may get the worm but not only does he have to smack into at least 10 windows and sliding glass doors before he finds it...:" and quickly added

"But the late bird who is so much more awake gets better food AND gets to enjoy it!"

Since it was their 14th birthday he HAD to make it remembered!

As soon as he jumped into yesterday's jeans and a clean T-shirt he crept over to his door and slowly turned the handle, trying his best not to make any noise and wake up his twin sister Michelle, who lived across the hall.

Michelle was a sweet, kind, simple girl. She wasn't the most beautiful of girls… but she made up for it with her brain. She was smarter then any girl at school, and there was almost nothing in the world she liked more then a good book. She was never late for anything, if she could help it. She always followed the rules, as best she could. She loved animals, and could make friends with just about anyone.

It suddenly occurred to Adam, Michelle must have been also thinking along these same lines... because he only got 2-3 steps into the hall before becoming slightly stuck in a sticky substance on the floor, and as he ATTEMPTED to free himself he lost his balance, and fell face first into the sticky substance.

As he felt the string he must have fallen on, he realized this must have been what she was hoping for, since the next thing he knew he was drenched from head to toe in something that seemed to be green jello that had never quite made it to the fridge.

It was slimy and smelled like dirty socks. And yes he also noticed that this must have been what the string was holding up. "EEEEWWWWW!!!" he said out loud. Then he gave a horrid sigh and thought "ok plan B."

But this thought was quickly interrupted; for he looked up and to his surprise his twin sister was actually out of bed. And she was standing in her door way. She had brushed her long black hair, so it was now hanging around her shoulders, and down her back. She was only about 5"5, but from ware Adam lay stuck to the flour she seemed much taller. She was staring down at him with her hazel eyes. And not only that... SHE WAS LAUGHING AT HIM!

"Awwww did little addie fall and get stuck?" she asked in a mocking voice.

"No I was following the yellow brick road when I came upon this string so I decided to take a nap on it, and then hey why not a shower in slim!"

He said very sarcastically, "You know very well I did... you set me up knowing I was clumsy and would fall right into it!" he said starting to sound annoyed.

"Right you are! And if I do say so my self... I'M A GENIUS!!!"

"Not once mom sees me covered in green... stuff!" he said not quite sure what he was covered in.

"Oh but you see that is the thing... I forgot to mention... that I cleared it with her. And she said that as long as it doesn't get on the walls..."

She pointed at the walls and he noticed that she had covered them all with looked like trash bags cut into big squares and taped on.

"And my wonderful paste and honey mixture all mopped up. And to get a shower and get your clothes into the washer before she gets up here to get our school list, and make the beds."

"How come she said ok to you when it took me 30 minutes of begging, and helping her with dinner, (I chopped onions by the way!) Before she would say yes to me, and even then there was like 500 rules I had to memorize before she would let me go!"

"Oh I don't know... it couldn't possibly be because you NEVER clean up after yourself. And your aim is only bad when you're trying to get your dirty clothes into the hamper. And the last time you, and your brothers had a sleepover party, mom spent over 2 hours in the basement picking up dirty socks, BOXERS, and T-shirts that weren't even yours! And I'm not even going to go into the spaghetti-o dishes and chip bags still half full... I mean EWWW!"

She took a deep breath then added hastily "and that was even after you PROMISED her it would all be cleaned up before she got home"

"Yeah well... we had a long night."

"I'm sure you did...," she said sounding as if she almost believed him. "Now if you'll excuse me I have a shower to take, and then I only have 2 easy things left to do" she cleared her throat and went into the bathroom.

"HEY! What about me?!" he yelled far less coolly than he meant to.

Michelle stuck her head out of the door and said, "If you want me to come out there and help you after I've already started up the shower and half undressed-"

"NOOOOO NO NO it's alright. I think I'll just unstick myself thank you!" he shuddered when he thought about what she had said

"Are you sure about that?!" she said trying her hardest not to laugh (knowing that she was in fact fully dressed)

"Oh yes quite sure!"

"Alright then I'll just be in the shower. just scream like a little girl if you need anything... you're good at that!" she pulled her head back inside the bathroom, locked the door, and gave herself a huge smile and a round of applause, knowing she had won.

Meanwhile Adam sat there still stuck to the floor and struggling. "Stupid git" he said, a bit louder then he meant to but he knew she couldn't hear him so it made no difference!

While his sister Michelle showered, Adam tried to free himself from the floor, and searched his brain for any ideas on how to get back at his sister. Though sadly between the floor, and his sister beating him to a totally awesome prank... he couldn't really come up with much!

When Adam finally peeled himself off the floor, he looked at the large imprint he had left in the slime, staring down at it in admeraton he declared. "Working out really does pay off, eat your heart out swortsinigger!" although he said this forgetting that the entire workout he ever did was taking the trash out to the neighbors trash can instead of his own. And maybe every once in awhile he would decide not to skip GYM class (at the English boarding school he attended during the school year.) and actually turned up to run with the girls and their GYM shorts, but hey he thought "I should so do this more often!"

Adam forced himself to settle for hiding his clothes so his sister couldn't wash them and would go crazy looking for them. Since he couldn't come up with anything ells. (That would happen on this planet anyway)