This is just a simple story about two sisters. Josie is the oldest, and Michelle is her younger sister. Uh…. You can guess their ages. Please review, would be very kind of you.

Josie lay on the sofa, book in one hand, glass of crimson red wine in the other. She stretched out luxuriously. Sinking into the comfort of the sofa. Her raven coloured hair fell into her face. Her eyes sparkled beneath it, there brilliant azure radiating happiness. 'Alone at last.' The house was empty giving Josie a rare moment of reflection.

She took a sip of her wine, savouring the bittersweet taste. She began to read her book, fingers moving lovingly over its worn cover and dog-eared pages. She grimaced when she heard the door slam, and the stomping feet that echoed round the house. She looked up to see Michelle, scowl on her face, flopping onto the sofa. Josie barely had time to move her feet. Michelle lay there sprawled out, scowl never leaving her face, arms folded over her chest, fingers twitching dangerously.

"Want to talk about it ?" Josie offered, leaving the sanctuary of her book, and sliding nearer to Michelle. Michelle glanced over at Josie her expression softening. She leaned into Josie, laying her head on her shoulder, snuggling down.

"Josie ?" She croaked, desperately trying to cover the emotion that was so thick in her voice. Josie began to play with Michelle's hair, and Michelle just lay there in her arms, unable to voice the question she desperately wanted to ask.

"Is love what you first thought ?" Michelle managed to whisper. Josie stopped her idle playing. She could feel Michelle, shaking slightly trying to stop the tears. Josie could feel her own heart clench, feel a slight lump in her throat. She closed her eyes slowly.
"I don't know Michelle… I don't know." Josie could feel her heart tearing slightly as she thought of all she had loved. She pulled Michelle into a hug, wrapping her arms round. Michelle returned the hug, clinging to Josie, like she might drown.

"I just… I just, I can't stop." Michelle murmured, tears still escaping her coffee eyes, like pieces of crystal they shimmered slightly as they fell silently.

"I think you're lovesick Michelle." Josie smiled slightly, when Michelle pulled back so she could shoot Josie a questioning look.

"Do you think there's a cure ?" Michelle asked hopefully, her tearstained face radiating a mixture of skepticism and faint hope.

Josie laughed a little, and sighed gently. She reached for her glass of wine which she had discarded earlier. "Sometimes… I think the only cure is to accept and embrace." She paused as she spoke, trying to form her thoughts into words. She took a sip of her wine, and leaned back into the sofa. Michelle watched her, and raised an eyebrow.

"I think the cure is wine !" She poked Josie in the arm and Josie stuck her tongue out in retaliation, all the same she reached for the bottle and gave it to Michelle.

They sat in silence, contemplating love. The wine bottle lay forgotten on the floor. Empty.

"What do you need for love Michelle ?" Josie let the words roll off her tongue, felt herself drifting into deep thought. She was thinking about why she had ever even looked at Andy. Why was he special ? Why had she so willingly given her heart to him ? Michelle thought of Tom, of the fight they had just had. She wondered why she had signed her heart away for him to keep. Why was love so complicated ?

"You need passion, emotion, attraction and uh maybe some alcohol." Michelle responded, giggling slightly, Josie joined in. They were in hysterics, unable to even look each other in the eye.

"When did you get so wise young Michelle ?" Josie enquired once her giggles had subsided to the occasional hiccup of laughter.

"Oh... I think it all started when I stole my big sisters diary all about her first love, Andy 'Spank me' !" Josie's eyes went wide. Michelle had already clambered off the sofa and was heading towards the stairs, a little unsteadily.

"It was you !" Josie yelled, desperately trying to get off the sofa.
"Andy spank me, Andy spank me !" Michelle catcalled, relishing in Josie's embarrassment. Josie went crimson remembering her confessions in that diary and her secret name for Andy.

"Argh ! Michelle ! I hate you !" Josie wailed.

"Love you too," Michelle merrily skipped up the stairs, "Andy, Andy, He's so handy, Andy, Andy, why don't you spank me ?" Michelle sang out in a mock tone of Josie.

"Shut up !" Josie moaned, chucking a cushion at Michelle's head. Michelle tried to duck it but it sailed right past her head to hit the wall. Michelle just laughed and continued up the stairs with her song.

"I give up." Josie murmured to herself sinking back into the sofa, closing her eyes. She thought of Andy, and went to sleep with a smile gracing her lips.

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