By: Moonjava

Edited By: Diedre N. Flora

So I say in each parted breath

That I want to be a man,

But not for a reason that most people think.

To feel whole,

To feel free,

To feel...

It's not about pride,

Nothing to do with delight,

Nothing to do with shame,

It's nothing to do with the fact that I don't really think I'm pretty -

Actually, I'm kind of cute in an rather quirky way -

I like being a girl,

I enjoy pretty things,

I try to be feminine.

So world,

Are you laughing

As you're watching while

I'm trying to work all this out?

But I fail with each passing day.

It's not about tossing away,

Not about trying to change the body,

But about trying to heal.

I used -

I cheated -

I lied -

So why can't I hide this down any more?

There's a resentment to my self growing;

A loathing feeling that I hate.

I don't feel real pity,

Only sadness for my soul.

I used religion as a shield,

Like an invisible cloak to hide he truth.

But now it's breaking and eating me away.

The only thing I want to do is breath,

Shed these cloths,

Burn this sight before me.

But in all...

All I want to do is breath.