"Stolen Summer"

The sun scorches our Philippine lands
A summer stolen by unidentified hands
Confusion rises in a little girl's eyes
All jaded through and through
We're rejected, divided down and blue

Step down, Oh leader of pride!
From your platform of corruption and greed
Spare us!
Slowly sinking into the sands of misfortune
Succumbing to your power

Hands shaking, teardrops falling
In search of hope and tranquility
Nowhere to be found
A blanket of darkness
Shadows the land

"Freedom!" is our cry

I work relentlessly in the fields
Toiling away under the scorching sun
Will this be enough to feed my family?
I ask myself again and again.

by Class II-B


I didn't exactly write this, my whole class did. Don't want to take credit, just wanna share this poem cause I think its nice. : ) We were required to make a Filipino version after reading "Snow Falls on China" in English class. I suggest you should read boredwithlife's poem, "Chaos Fires". Its her own Filipino version of Snow Falls in China. Check it out please! Thanks!