Raindrops fall softly

Erratic and cold

Sunlight breaks through

Silver and gold

I sit in the rain

As each tear breaks my heart

He swore solemnly

That we never would part

Black clouds roll in

I'm soaked to the bone

There's nothing to help me

I feel so alone

I'm crushed by the nightfall

It's cloudy black haze

I watch each cold raindrop

I'm caught in a daze

The wind whips my hair

The rain stings my eyes

I laugh at the pain

I scream at the skies

Now no one can save me

I'm lost in my world

Now everyone hates me

My soul's been unfurled

But now I am blinded

By sudden white light

A circle of hope

In the blackness of night

There is an angel

All alone in the rain

Surrounded by light

That grants my eyes pain

There is no rainfall

Where she stands posed

Only sunlight and happiness

I watch as a ghost

The angel is dancing

Twirling to a song

I would love to join

To go dance along

But the rain blocks my view

Keeps her far from my mind

And I can't do a thing

But turn back, step behind

But then, this young angel

This beauty of light

She took my cold hand

Pulled me out of the night

And we danced in the sunlight

The beauty, the awe

The glories of heavens

The wonders we saw

She held my hands high

And laughed as she did

My soul was now cleansed

And I no longer hid

I could now see the sun

The moon and the stars

She grinned as I stared

She erased all my scars

We danced through the universe

Through comets and more

We danced until nothing

Scared me anymore

The stars turned to rainfall

As she laid me back down

My bedroom, my window,

Was met with a frown

She wiped off my tears

Smiled gently again

She held out her hand

"I'll miss you, my friend."

Our hands clasped again

For the very last time

And I slept in comfort

As rain turned to sunshine

There is an angel

Dancing in sunlight

She comforts the hated

She makes the world bright

She drowns out your sorrow

She heals all your pain

Though I don't want to hurt

I shall see her again