This is kind of a weird poem lol but I just wrote it down tonight because I was feeling a bit depressed.


Oceanic by writerforever

I'm laying here

Tired and afraid

Staring up at the dark sky

My shadow dances on the wall

And I'm lost in my insanity

Confused and betrayed I lay

Waiting for something

Or someone

Tears no longer can touch my face

For I've cried them all away

Torn and hurting on the inside

I realize innocence is lost

The road ahead looks frightening

Fear has its clutches on me

Saying "You will fail"

Battered and broken

I seek comfort and compassion

From those that cannot give it to me

Fears and regrets

Like an ocean washes over me

Grasping a hold of hope

I cling

The waves come crashing down upon me

For a moment I cannot breathe

Springing up I gasp for air

Then back down again I go

Drowning slowly

As the waves crash down upon me

I can only whisper "Oceanic"

"Like an ocean washing over me"