Well, as I said in the summary, written by the lovely dayofwisdom and myself. Now, as I also said in the summary: Read an' find out!


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All that's left here... as I lay dying...

in the ocean of red surrounding me with its waves...

is the fragile thread of my sanity....

The very fibers that I once held on to... have perished before my eyes...

my very eyes and heart.


What is left here isn't nothing

when it comes to the ocean of blacks and blues

it is a subtle reminder of my sanity

the strings that pull my world... the strings have left my sight

The sight of what is nothing


I could have been alive. Everything could have been amazing.

Life could have gone... perfectly, but it turned to ruins....

Winds... winds that swell over me in unmerciful pain.

Gusts that became known to me as my tormentor,

Tormentor of memory.

You ruined everything.


Everything, that is, but this growing silent prosperity

this tranquility deep within these wounds

life... or the mere beauty that stings the blood

waves that attempt to wash me clean... for forever

forever, that is, in my heart

the heart that was yours.


Here, slowly dwindling away, waiting patiently for the end,

the pool of metallic red grows larger, and a picture of you, looms it's way into my mind.

Your eyes... they bore through me, rendering me speechless....

Rendering me silent, until I saw you laughing...

At me.


You found it... funny.

How I miserably I lived my life -- living day to day -- hoping for a cure.

But I never knew... I was too naïve to see it otherwise.

I was too blind,

to see you with a knife at my back.


And now I am, without the waters

That at one point sustained my common sense

Whatever blood you have destined for me I must now take

For with these eyes I see naught but a pool of darkness

A pool that you thrust me into… Mercifully

But without mercy.

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