This poem is dedicated to all the gorillas who are captives in zoos, especially too Jelani, Bengati, and Timmy, who I have seen and 'touched'. I hope that one day soon you will be free.


Tears by writerforever

He watches with frightened brown eyes

As strange humans stare at him

Fear consumes him

As the humans beat on the cage

That separates him from them

He backs up against the concrete wall

Unable to go anywhere else

Heart pounding he closes his eyes

Cruel laughter from the on looking humans

Rings in his tiny ears

Rocks are thrown by youngsters

Striking him in the side and the face

He crawls around the cage

Seeking comfort from someone


But no one is to be found

Another rock strikes his face

Collapsing to the ground

He closes his eyes

Trying to picture his beloved home in Africa

Opening his eyes

He realizes that he will never see it again

Tears of sadness fill his eyes

Then trail down his face

And he gives a mournful cry

He cries tears

The tears of a gorilla