Nothing but Abuse

Thud, thud…
Those sounds of the fighting
Those sounds of the crying
Little girl in her room,
Trying to hide under the covers
It's still there, and she knows it
A scream… and some angry complaints
Even though he's not
He's hit her, once again
Where this time?
Let just check the many cuts and bruises
She's crying, but standing tall
She doesn't run…
She stays
Because she doesn't know what else to do
"I love him," she'll say.
But how?
He's hurt you countless times
Emotionally and physically
Why put yourself through it?
"you don't understand what it really is,
I have a daughter… we have a daughter,
I can't just do that… I can't.
I have no money,
I have nothing.
I can't get anything…
I came from far away,
No experience, no job.
No abuse, no home," she explains.

FUCK ABUSE, if you know of some shit like this do something the fuck about it. Life isn't supposed to be this way.