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Ch1: Prologue

Summary: Stacie is dragged to camp Lakewood by her best friend Jessica. But that's no the bad part Stacie is not only a councilor of a Cabin full of boys but is getting more attention than her best friend crush hot stud Jesse. And I don't mean the good attention.


It's the first week of summer and I'm trying to finish my summer sleep, but knowing my little brother that won't happen.

"Stacie!!" My little brother David yelled from down stairs.

Ignore him just ignore him.


I hear nothing I thought, shoving my pillow over my head


I groaned and threw the pillow at my window.

"What!!" I Replied.

"Someone here for you, what are you deaf?"

Don't I just love my little brother, I thought rolling my eyes. "Well I'm trying to go to sleep, if you need to know," I continued.

I swear my brothers and idiot, what does he think I'm up here doing counting chickens?

"Well that's too bad… Stacie its 1:00 in the afternoon, youpsycho."

"Who is it?" I yelled getting annoyed; I'm so going to pay him back for this…

"Get your lazy ass down here and see!" David snapped.

"Stop cursing you little maggot," I yelled getting out of the bed.

"Stupid brother make me walk all the way down stairs...I'm so getting revenge on him soon." I muttered to my self changing out of my pajamas and into some shorts and a black shirt that says "drop the chocolate and no one get hurt."

Where the hell is mom in dad, they supposed to be controlling the little dweeb. Then it finally hit me, it's Friday and Mom has late shifts on Friday and dad hangs out with his friends.

I grabbed a hair tie, shoved my long black hair into a ponytail.

When I finally made it down the stairs I saw Jessica, my best friend, sitting on the couch right across from David on the other couch.

Oh that's the reason for the cursing and the foul back talk, not like he never does it when Jessica not around.

Lets just say paybacks a bitch, I thought smirking. David has a huge crush on Jessica I wonder when he going to realize he has no chance and she's to old for him.

David 13 Jessica 17 so his chances are very thin, unless they want be one of those weird couple with a huge age differences.

I shudder from even thinking about it.

Err…bad picture now I'm going to have bad dreams, great. But I can see why he likes her she has beautiful blonde hair that goes past her shoulders -which guys love, she's 5'9, and sparkling blue eyes that light up her personality.

I on the other hand have long black hair that comes to my elbows, and green grayish eyes. With tan skin from playing soccer all day, and 5'7, yes I know very awkward, who would be attracted to that?

Yep you're right, know one. The only guy lucky enough to come close to me is the cafeteria worker, Bob, and he's behind the food cart all day.

"What's up," I say to Jessica.

"Umm nothing," she replies nervously.

I raise my eyebrows "So you came here for nothing?" I ask annoyed at them for waking me up out of my dreamless dream.

"Uh-" Jessica starts, until David's cuts her off.

"Jeez Stacie leave her alone."

Don't you see the huge crush I'm talking about? Hmm, this reminds of his sweet revenge.

"Umm little bro I'm sorry if you didn't notice she came over for me not for you and, don't you have some room to be cleaning? I see the rats practically leaking out." I say with a smirk, victory succeeds; he looks like a red balloon.

He shot me a dirty look and ran up stairs.

"So wha-" I started

"Do you have to be so cruel to your brother?" Jessica said still sounding nervous.

"Yes I do, and you're getting off topic. What are you hiding?" I say

"…oh fine, this summer what are you doing?" Jessica asked relaxing on the couch.

"Err…I don't know" I say sitting down on are tan,-and quite cozy, couch.

"Well how about you and me going to Camp Lakewood" she paused seeing the expression on my face. "Come on, it will be fun, we coul-"

"Thanks, but no thanks; I don't think I want to spend my summer, getting bitten by bugs and reptiles. Plus sleeping in the same room of other girls who mostly talk about boys, boys, and boys."

Jessica smiled, "But we wont be in the same cabin of other girls are age because there going to be the ages of 8-10, and even better we're going to be the Counselors." Then she suddenly started speaking faster, maybe she hoped I wouldn't catch the rest. "And I already signed you up so you have no choice, even if I have to drag you in my ca-"

"What!?" I continued "you signed me up for a place I never seen or heard of?!" Right after that question it looked like all the happiness from her faced dropped.

I have no clue why she sad, it's not like she never been to a camp by herself, she's been to so many, they should call her the camp queen.

"Well you have heard of it I went there last year, remember?" Jessica muttered, now looking at her shoes.

Oops now I remember Lakewood, great, the camp where she had her first boyfriend, and got separated at the end of summer, exchange number but, the mystery boy never called back. Just great.

"Fine I'll go" I mutter, not wanting to see the unhappy Jessica anymore.

"Yippee!" Jessica screamed and jumping up and down at the same time, making me half way falling out my seat.

She ran over toward me (by then I was petrified) and started hugging me really tight. Quite painful.

I shouted trying to breath, "Ow...Sto...Jes...err…STOP OR I WANT GO!"

Then she started talking 100 mile per hour. "We're going to have so much fun, there going to be so much guy councilors and...Blah blah blah blah blah blah… and braid all the little girls hair in are cabin and blah blah blah…," as you can tell, I got lost at the end.

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