(A/N: We finished the story for you guys who didn't know I even put the "the end" at the end.

Here the last Reviewer Replies:

Cherribomb: Well Jesse was acting kind of rude towards Stacie as I read it over, but oh well that's Jesse is a weirdo.

Mini May: I glad you liked it! Yea I would have grabbed the guy also.

Harvey the pooka: Yea I agree, I didn't really like it my self. I'm glade you liked the scene with Chad, I liked it also! Don't worry I take this as criticism, It's not like I'm going to run into my room and start crying. Lol but that would be funny.

Keyln: Yea I know it was rushed, I didn't really like the chapter my self, maybe one day I'll rewrite it. But I'm glade you like the story!

Kira: Thanks I change the "won't" and "want", I swear I have no idea why I keep doing that.

gleez: lol you weren't the only one I even put the 'the end' sign at the end of Ch 10. But thanks for reviewing!

Pinewarrrior: Glade you liked it!

Daydreamer-angel: Thanks!

Puppylover2345: I feel sorry for Jesse too on the ride back home.

DeathCarnival: I can't either!

Alison Ashley: Thanks I'm glade you liked it, I agree Jessica and Stacie thing at the end didn't really go so good.

rock 'n' roll junkie: Thanks! I know not to exciting but I glade you liked it.

Misunderstood-love: Ha-ha I loved your review, I glad you like it!

Wow it feels like I've said "I'm glade you like it" over million times. Well once again I'm glade you guys liked it and I just posted my new story. The summary in my profile!

Have a nice Labor day! )