Daddy's Little Girl

Daddy's little girl he called me,

That cold September day.

When all things in the world changed as I skipped off to school.

Back at home the war had started.

Between my mum and dad.

Everyday something happened and one more box appeared,

Why this time and not tomorrow he decided we weren't worth it

I still wonder, but

To this day he has not called me his little girl again.

But now I have my mum and step-dad, who are there for me.

I know that if things changed between my dad and me I still wouldn't be his little girl.

But to my mum and my step I am their little girl,

The one that reads, the one that writes, the one that still skips to school everyday.

So Dad if you're out there I might not be your little girl but I have two great parents who

think I am their little girl.