"I left my hope in that

Heart-shaped box

At the back of the bottom drawer, underneath my bed

Next to my stash

Of chewed-on razor blades;

It seemed like such a fitting place.

There lies that tarnished ring

From that downtown quarter machine

Given in 2nd grade false words

And pictures of me when I was little

In pink coveralls and scuffed up Keds;

Somehow I was happier back then.

From time to time I take them out

Carry them like a badge of merit

Like the cross Daddy left in his twisted legacy

But I only wear it to Sunday church

Since Momma hates to see and be

Reminded that, yes, she did love him once;

No sense in bringing up old grievances.

So I leave them there

In that worn out heart shaped box

Collecting dust and spider webs of a hesitant


Like a frightened child trying to sleep again

In a bed of silver roses;

Strange how I never really grew up."